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What The Hell Are You Worth?

Author: Michael W

Yeah, what the hell are you worth? I can't sugarcoat the message or a lot of guys will think I just mean don't kiss up. It's way beyond that. It's about having such a concrete firm grasp of your own worth and belief in that worth that no sly devious tactic that a woman has been using since she was 11 years old will work on you.

That's many years of practice for your average woman.

You HAVE to understand that women actually DON'T have such strong frames, but that since men have such WEAK frames, it's SO EASY for women to take advantage of guys and lie to guys and be manipulative and even RATIONALIZE it all as women being SAINTS.

And of course, most guys EAT IT ALL UP and believe it all, and feel LUCKY to be going out with a woman at ALL.


Yup, I kid you not.
And you know what?
You shouldn't hate women for it, because it's kind of like the way a child would behave if he was never disciplined.

Plus, there are tons of other issues regarding female psychology that guys don't get, stuff regarding what makes women feel slutty because of society, that really is not that simple for a woman.

And also, being bitter really gets you nowhere. Understanding all this stuff is the key to success.

So, no more sugarcoating if there ever was any. I didn't go through all the crap that I went through so that I could confuse good guys.

I wish I could almost be in person at every situation in the world where a good guy is getting abused and STOP it right now.

Make him read this article.

I want to BE THERE and shake him up hard and wake him up out of this nightmare.

Because that guy used to be ME.

Because you see, one of the main things here is that guys just don't get the POWER of my question:

The craziest irony about "success with women" is that when you REALIZE your worth, you CREATE your worth. And then you have to do almost ZILCHO to get tons of hot women to take their clothes off for you with PLEASURE.

To be honest, once you "get it" mentally, the whole "game" becomes kind of INSANE. There actually **IS** NO GAME.

When you are CHASING a woman, when you are accepting LESS THAN 100 PERCENT RESPECT, not only are you telling a woman that you are NOT WORTHY, but worse than that, you are telling YOURSELF this.


Action is the language that your brain understands BEST. So well in fact that it's HYPNOTIC.

And so powerful are the messages to your brain when they are delivered by your ACTIONS and your BEHAVIOURS, that you will ACCEPT these messages and BEHAVE congruently to them.

So if you ACCEPT crap from any woman, if you EXCUSE IT IN THE SLIGHTEST, you are basically saying that YOU are not WORTHY of better. Forget about what you are saying to women, because the worse part is that you are saying this to YOURSELF.

And THEN, believe you me, that the message you will be sending out to women will be the same - that you are not worthy.

And this message will be delivered in the MOST POWERFUL WAY POSSIBLE- not through words, which are a recent invention, but through your BEHAVIOURS, your BODY LANGUAGE, YOUR TONALITY, which are FAR MORE PRIMAL AND POWERFUL MODES OF COMMUNICATION.

To be honest with you, I could give a rats' ass about picking up women. I know that sounds weird coming from The Dating Wizard, but it's true. I look at all this as a form of self-development and self-awareness. Okay, fine, I do enjoy picking up women, I love a great relationship, etc, but not NEARLY as much as I enjoy learning about MYSELF and HUMAN NATURE.

What's amazing is that you probably have NO IDEA of what you are capable of if you were just FREED of the fears that most guys have about women and success with women and what women think of you.

All this stuff is BRAINWASH POLLUTION that makes you KISS UP out of fear of LOSS of something that you NEED.

Well get this:
You need nothing.
You need ZERO approval from women.
The SECOND you think you do, you might as well just buy a sign that says "piece of garbage" and stick it on your forehead.

If only ONE guy reads this and gets my point, I will feel damn good.

And irony of ironies, when you "GET" this, you will experience ATOMIC ENERGY release within your system. And that energy will be so absolutely incredibly attractive that not only will women be drawn to you, but just about everyone will want to be your friend.

It's human NATURE to go to the source of ENERGY. Be it physical or psychological or BOTH.


I see jerks all the time, and the only thing they are doing right is ACTING confident, but the fact of the matter is I can pierce their act in a second because they are usually not REALLY confident. That's why they're jerks in the first place. TRULY confident guys are neither jerks nor ass kissers, they have nothing to fear by not being a jerk, and simultaneously they have no need to kiss up for approval.

There are no enemies, only fears.
And when you have no fears, when you TRULY confront your fears and get over them, the level of energy and joy that you experience is something that you EXUDE and others naturally want to FEEL that awesome vibe as well.

They don't THINK about it. They just DO it.

In the same way if you were dying of thirst and saw water, you would not THINK about it, you would DRINK IT.

I want you to keep this in mind as you go through the rest of this article.


"How would I behave if I KNEW there was no shortage, if I knew I could succeed, if I KNEW women loved me, if I knew that I had massive value to society and if I knew I was massively loved"

Think of all the HURT and the PAIN that you would let go of.

Think of all the energy you would feel.

Think of how you could hardly get angry at those beneath you, but at the same time you surely would not take any crap for even a fraction of a second.

Trust me, all this stuff has EVERYTHING to do with success with women, and that's just the tip of the iceberg, to say the LEAST.

Keep this in mind as you read the following letters:

I debated printing the first one because of the really vast praise, but it had great content and hey, I take everything with a grain of salt.


This last article (What They Don't Teach You At Dating Guru School) as the previous ones was AMAZING. MIND-BLOWING. REMARKABLE!

Michael, after I showed your teachings my sister, who absolutely knows how to "play games" because she is soooo beautiful, she said, and I quote, "The person who wrote this is not a MAN." And when I asked why? She replied, "Men are not that smart to understand this stuff, because it is not logic and it is very difficult to understand." I asked her again why it's difficult and she said "We don't tell men our games, and if any man seemed to understand this stuff, we try our best to brainwash him."

Michael, you are the savior man.

I haven't had any kind of problems with women, especially hotties. But I couldn't explain to my friends what I was doing to attract women. Therefore, while I was searching the answer, I came across to your teaching and it blows my mind.

Awhile ago, I asked you a question regarding a girl that I felt in love with. And your answer made me realize how my mind plays tricks on me. Following your advice, changed my way of thinking because I put it into practice and it works like wonders.

To paraphrase your answer, you said that (I need to forget about this particular girl because if she has a boyfriend and at the same time seeing you, she is not going to be faithful to anyone, including you. And you need to keep seeing the other girls)

I followed your advice. I meet other women that I used to ignore before. I thought that the girl I was in love was the only attractive woman.

Therefore, I couldn't see myself any other women. But when I dated those other women, I realized how dumb I was. Now I have three different girls that I am dating.
Keep the good work.
J. N.


First of all, thanks for that awesome plug for the material. And it's fantastic to hear that your sister is cool enough to be honest about things!

As she says, it really isn't about logic, and what can you do, you can't change the world, you can only work with reality. The truth though is, that in a way, we are working on a FAR FAR FAR more powerful level than logic. We are using PRIMAL logic. Sometimes just out of curiosity I will try having a logical discussion with a girl regarding the whole male female dynamic, and it usually is so absolutely pointless that its absurd. But as soon as I switch modes to using VITALITY/EMOTIONAL/SUPERIORITY modes of communications, I'm back in business.

Regarding the woman you mentioned and how your mind played tricks on you, this is a HUGE part of where guys go wrong.

You see, women use the "game" on men all the time, and it works EVEN on us "logical" men lol. Truth is men aren't that logical either, but there is almost ZERO logic when it comes to how women perceive relationships, attraction, etc.

And yet guys are too stubborn to realize that even though the stuff women do to us makes us fall for them, that maybe THOSE SAME "tactics" would work even BETTER with women?

Those "tactics" are behaving and thinking and believing in your WORTH. Even LOW SELF ESTEEM women know how to PRETEND they are valuable, but yet most guys are STILL not even PRETENDING they are valuable!!

They are still chasing women, as if chasing would be appreciated.

Worst of all, by behaving in a way that says women are the prize, and that we are just a burden, guys are telling themselves and brainwashing themselves into BELIEVING it. No WONDER guys are buying women this and that, they honestly feel like it is NECESSARY, since after all who the heck would want them, the guys feel.

Good for you for waking up from the "Matrix".


Hi Mike
If u remember, I asked u a question about picking up women in a "university scene", in response to which u wrote a letter. I used the stuff, as I always do and I have picked up 3 women in my university in the past 3 months. And not to forget Master, 2 out of these 3 are supposed to be the hottest among all.

What I did was I approached women, told them that I am a member of some XYZ research group that is working on Human Behaviors of this age, and that they should give me an interview in the library (very quiet place, no people). They almost always gave this initial resistance, which I almost always overcame using humor, and finally they all met me in the library. I started flirting with them in the library and soon we were regularly dating, thanks to MICHAEL W.

I am quite surprised to see that "women want me to take control of them and the situation at every step", if I do they are mine, if I don't they are gone.

A little comment on that as well plz Master.

Also, I am someone who is one the way to huge success in this area using your eBook and letters. One thing I want to ask about is,
1. What would happen if many guyz come to know and start using the same methods that you teach ?
Since this knowledge is expanding rapidly, won't women become less vulnerable to "THE MAN" ?
2. What would happen if many women too come to know what you teach? Won't they start to "consciously" guard themselves against "THE MAN" ?

I want these answers because the above two fears are stopping me from helping even my close friends
Thank you for all you efforts
Best Regards,
Tom P.

Thanks for the props and for letting other guys know that the stuff WORKS.

Regarding your comment that you are quite surprised to see that women want you to take control of them and the situation at every step, and if you do they are yours, and if you don't they are gone, there is a very clear answer as to why this is.

First of all, taking leadership and charge of the situation demonstrates power, confidence and value, and VOILA attraction is born. Second of all, if you make a woman take all the action and initiation, what happens is she feels really cheap/slutty. This all falls under female psychology and culture. Now, of course, it's a fine balance, if a guy comes on TOO STRONG that can make her feel cheap too. To be honest, if you can create a strong enough indication of superior value, there is less and less concern of feeling cheap, because you come across as a rare and superior catch that is worthy.

If a woman has to do the initial approach and the logistics, etc, she feels she is trying too hard to make something happen and thus she feels as if she must be desperate, and thus cheap. So you want to take the initial action, but also simultaneously lean back and be relaxed so you don't seem desperate yourself.

Of course, my book goes into far greater detail and the live workshops and seminars show you it all in person.

Regarding your last two questions about what would happen if every guy knew how to be The Man, I guarantee you that women would only treat men better in general, for all men. They would be way less prone to take advantage of guys, which is what women do today, because so many guys allow this to happen.

If every guy RAISED his standards and his confidence and his understanding of women, then women in general would IMMEDIATELY give more respect to men instead of treating them like crap, because women wouldn't even THINK they could get away with abusing men, PLUS women are ATTRACTED to The Man, and so in effect women would only be happier and try harder to make men happy.

Being The Man is not about harming women, in fact it's what women are ATTRACTED to.

Walking around like you are a class A jerk-off is not the same thing. That's why I wrote the whole email a short while ago about the "overly alpha" guys acting all weird and sh(*.

The answer to your second question is women don't want or need to "guard" themselves against The Man, because, again, as above, they WANT this. They just can't come out and say it to everyone because of fears of being misinterpreted as wanting abuse or being cheap or slutty.


Hey Michael, I read you're ebook and I think all of it is wonderful stuff. I appreciate your help very much, and love the e-book. You really know what you are talking about.

I do have one specific question though, that I hope you can answer. I'm 17 years old and in high school, there is this very attractive girl, and she thinks I'm the most gorgeous guy in school, and she tells both hers and my friends that she likes me. The problem is, she has a boyfriend (he's graduated, and out of school) that she has been seeing for almost two years.

She says he treats her like shit, there is no passion between them anymore, etc. I asked her why she is still with him, and she says because she loves him, but only time could tell. She likes me a lot, she waits for me between classes, always tells me to meet her before homeroom, and sometimes I skip homeroom and walk around with her. She also calls me every night and gets online around 10 o' clock. She hangs out with her boyfriend all the time though...even though she tells me all of the negative stories about them, I continue to say, "Oh well. You're the one dating him." I want to speed things up and encourage her to break up with him without sounding like I need/want her too much.

How can I increase attraction to the point where she gets up the balls to dump him. Should I not mention anything about her dumping him?

I'm trying my best not to be easy, but it's difficult when she is the one calling me, and this is only once a day, at 10:00. I'm pretty confused with this one.


Thanks for the comments on the eBook, I appreciate it. Regarding your question, here's my honest opinion:
Why bother with a chick who keeps on telling you about her boyfriend when there are TONS of single chicks out there?

Why would a guy who is SUPERIOR, who KNOWS he is desirable, who knows he has a THOUSAND CHOICES OF HOT WOMEN, why would he get stuck on the one girl he CAN'T have? Even if you could have her, why be the one to destroy a relationship? If it's meant to not last, it will end naturally.

The irony of this is that not only does it not make sense to pursue a girl who is in a relationship, but it actually makes you more attractive to her when you are NOT
pursuing her.

Believe me, she knows you want her pretty badly. She detects that she has got you as a sure thing if she wants.

And that only makes her want you less.
So my advice is to go for all the SINGLE girls out there for THREE reasons:
1. They will be more fun than trying to convince a girl to go with you.
2. It makes you more attractive to her anyway when you are NOT showing so much interest.
3. By not pursuing ONE girl so strongly, it helps put you in the right mental frame of ABUNDANCE as opposed to scarcity, and this mental frame is CRUCIAL for success.

Remember what I said at the beginning of this article:
Your behaviours and your conscious actions send messages to your brain, and shape your belief systems.

If you ACT AS IF THIS WOMAN IS MORE SPECIAL AND THAT YOU NEED TO GO FOR THESE TYPES OF WOMEN who are kind of shady, then you will start to BELIEVE you need to do that, and that you are NOT this superior attractive dude. And THAT will affect your whole vibe because of every minute detail of your behaviours.

You will start to take more and more of her crap and believe her crap is tasty if you start down this path.

This is the "dark seductive side" of the force.
You want to BELIEVE that you can get a shortcut to "success with women" by going for this chick who you already know.

It SEEMS to be the easy way. But it in fact is the way to disaster. It involves emotional laziness. Get your act straight and realize you are worth BETTER than this behaviour and that it will be well worth it for you to get a different woman.

This is why ultimately being THE MAN is very CONGRUENT with being a GOOD GUY. You don't have to be a jerk, you just have to be operating from a standpoint of POWER.

And when you DO talk to this one girl, bust on her every time she mentions the boyfriend, make fun of her in a GOOD NATURED way and tell her that she has so many relationship problems she's boring you more than an episode of Dr. Phil.

In other words, DON'T TRY TO RUIN the relationship. not only is this classy, and not sleazy, it in fact is the most attractive thing to do.

But honestly, I have a serious policy of not trying to break up ANY relationship. It's not my business. And I think it's scummy. And cool guys don't need to act as if there is a shortage of women.

In fact, I believe there are tons of available women. Not only believe it, I know it. The real question for me is finding women on my caliber, women with a super strong sense of values and self esteem who are beautiful inside as well as out.

If you would like to get a better understanding of how all the different aspects of attraction and female psychology tie together, then I recommend you immediately download my eBook, The Dating Wizard: Secrets to Success with Women.

It's the DNA for everything else I teach, and it will show you how to approach women, get dates instantly, how to escalate to getting physical, and even has a special section on relationship tips that I haven't found anywhere else on the planet.

Go to:

Dating Wizard: Secrets to Success with Women

Till next time,

Michael W

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