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What It All Comes Down To

Author: Michael W

Let me tell you a reality: These days, it’s easier than ever to get lots of sex if you understand the principles I discuss. It’s also harder than ever to find meaningful relationships. For just about everyone, guy or girl, in the end, what they really want is to meet someone awesome for a great relationship. Doesn’t matter if it’s a rockstar, doesn’t matter if it’s the greatest pick up artist in the world.

The reason for this, as I’ve known for a long time, is because otherwise sex is a rather transient experience. It’s great at the moment, and when it’s over, it’s over.

But the problem is that people think they can have a great relationship while engaging in a lifestyle that is poison for relationships.

On this note, right here in Toronto where I am writing this, Madonna, the queen of sex and commercialism, was here for a concert tour and made sure to visit a local chapter of something called The Kaballah Center. In case you are not aware, Madonna has been a keen new advocate of this thing. Now I’m not going to get into a whole discussion of religion, but to make a long story short, it has to do with mysticism. Now why the heck does the material girl, the sex girl, etc, give a damn about mysticism?

Why does Britney Spears wear a red mystical string around her wrist?

I’ll tell you why, and I’ll also explain why MOST women are SO much more interested in supernatural stuff than men are, whether it’s horoscopes or mind reading:


The reality is that as human beings, the quality of our lives is massively influenced by the quality of our relationships. However, this is a big NO NO to admit in our society. It’s not “cool”. What’s COOL is sex, sex, and more sex. Which makes sense, because more and more is necessary since it is so transient and temporary. Like the effect of drugs.

It’s actually almost considered BAD today among girls to be into a serious relationship. It’s almost like “heheh, let’s all be sluts and get drunk”. An excellent book on this, written by a college co-ed, a girl 23 years old at the time she wrote it, is “A Return to Modesty”, by Wendy Shalit. The reality is that for a long time, women were the gatekeepers of any morality. Men had to appeal to the morals that women demanded from them. But ever since men encouraged women to throw away the key and the role, and encouraged women to blow up the gates, things have been pretty screwy.

Screwy not only for men, but for women, in fact more so for women, as you will see below.

All the folks who are MOST into superficial things are usually the ones who fall HARDEST for cults, for new religions, for drugs, for new spins on old religions, i.e. for ANY type of context that they HOPE can provide LASTING MEANING or escape from the feeling of emptiness. Whether it’s Madonna or Britney or pick up artists who are obsessed only with sex.

When all they really needed to do was just get a hold on their relationship in the first place. Meaning that maybe drinking and clubbing and juggling 5 or 6 guys at once doesn’t all add up to what it seems. Of course, the same is true for guys as well. I still believe based on years of observation and interviews that more guys are truly ready for serious faithful relationships than women are.

As I said before, we are living in a very ANTI-relationship culture, and we are experiencing the disastrous consequences in spades. What all this means is that if you are savvy enough to understand the power of a great relationship, then you have to be savvy enough to KNOW how to SCREEN the wrong women OUT of your life and the RIGHT candidates into your life.

Recently I received an excellent letter, which I will print some of the highlights from:
“…Sun Zu, the Chinese warrior and general once said, "if you want to conquer a country, first corrupt their women”.

I agree with this absolutely- in general, men initiate contact with women, so women’s morals and standards will affect how men strive to behave in general and with women. Low priority on long term issues such as marriage, loyalty, and children, will in turn affect the men, as well as the children, eventually creating a society of weak marriages, broken families, maladjusted children who grow up into maladjusted adults, less marriages and less children. This may cause the country to have too low a natural birth rate and too few skilled natural citizens.

More from this letter:
“As far as women acting like men, it is apparent that feminism encourages this. There is a primal capability, from our tribal past, that allows a woman to take on male capabilities, when her man died or deserted the family group. It allowed for the survival of the children. It however had a negative effect in that the women were less likely to mate again and that healthwise some of the male characteristics hasten her demise. It was nature’s way of eliminating those creatures who did not improve or continue the natural process or creation.

This is played out in society today. Women today in traditional male career paths suffer heart disease and cancer at much higher rates then housewives. Ironically, men in these positions actually are healthier and thrive in these situation than men who are house husbands. Nature doesn't like it when humans f*** with the normal order of things.

Occasionally, you may have heard a woman say something like "Men are afraid of a strong women"..or something like that. I always respond, "men love strong, moral women with strong character" It is the type of women, men want for their girlfriends and wives. .."Men, however, are repulsed by masculine women..." There is usually a gasp and a long silence after that

As far as drugs and women are concerned, women are the true prescription junkies of the world..from the time they are teenagers on birth control..(you don't think effecting the natural hormone balance doesn't change the way they think and act?) to booze to finally, Prozac, Valium and other anti-psychotics..Women are more medicated as a group than you would believe...since feminism started in the 70's the number of women who are in therapy has sky-rocketed 3X.

Along with the fact that fewer men are marrying women these the statistic that since 1990, the number of married women in the 18-35 year age group of marriageable women is down 50%. Men have finally gotten smart and realized that marrying the western woman is not worth it…both financially and emotionally.

Sex is promoted everywhere today..but underlying that is the promotion that you must possess women and sex or you are nothing..Humans, as part of their natural reproductive mechanism..react to sexual stimuli in the environment. No sexual stimuli, no horniness.

An abundance of sexual stimuli not only makes men sexually responsive, it sensitizes them to any sexual stimuli. This is nature’s mechanism to signal the male that it is time to procreate. This actually stimulates the natural sexual response mechanism and therefore makes it sensitive to sexual stimulation via pictures/movies and other means of marketing sex for sex sake or for selling cars or any other product.

Men in our society are therefore over-stimulated when it comes to sex. This I believe is the one of the reasons men are so desperate for sex. The marketing challenges men to get sex or be incomplete. The sex marketing stimulation sensitizes men to make their arousal levels rise and the only way you can relieve this discomfort is to buy the things that will bring you women and relief from the sexual arousal...kind of simple but brilliant.

Men need to stop being POPs. (Prisoners of P**sy)and realize that their need for sex is being manipulated by other sources..That we as men desire sex, but don't desperately need it and won't compromise our character to get it.”

I think it takes great courage for guys to write in the truth like this. This letter is not about blame - it’s about being CRITICAL of what is happening around us. It’s not about blame. It’s about being AWARE of what is going on.

So, what is the solution?

The best thing to do is to be VERY careful about who you let IN to your world. This is one of the reasons I believe it is SO important to learn THE SKILLS of how to meet and attract tons of women so that you will never feel the desperation that makes many guys get involved with the wrong woman or women. It’s the SKILLS that count, not the number of women you sleep with.

So for today, let me talk about one area that will make you even better with women so that you will not feel that desperation ever. Not only that, but don’t you want the woman of your dreams- a woman with all the right qualities both physical and personality wise, to feel attraction for you?

Well then, improve the way you DRESS.
This is a HUGE topic.
Still, let’s touch on it here:
It’s incredible, women spend HOURS getting themselves together to look their BEST before going out, and then a guy goes out looking like a slob thinking nothing of it. Hey, I’m all for confidence but I’m not for STUPIDITY, or IGNORANCE.

Do you think women are BORN looking hot? Listen to me, most of the women you see out at a club or wherever looking really smoking are actually NOT as naturally hot as you think. They have put HUGE effort into their choice of clothing, their hairstyle, their perfume, their shoes, even every last damn accessory from bracelet to belt to the highlights in her hair. Never mind the waxing, the demeanor with which they walk, etc etc.

It all adds up to one powerful PUNCH called ATTRACTION.

And I haven’t even MENTIONED stuff like working out and diet that many women do as well.

And guess what?
All this stuff is CONTROLLABLE. It’s not genetic.

Your clothes, your style, your exercise, your diet are all up to YOU.

Now don’t get me wrong- if you don’t behave as THE MAN, all you will be doing is speeding up the process of a woman finding out you are not cool since she will be MORE interested in you initially, and more eager to find out if you are THE MAN or not. So she might even approach YOU first, because you seem so cool, but then find out you are NOT the MAN and poof – it’s goodbye.

However, no matter if you are looking just for fun, or have in mind the possibility of meeting a great woman for a long term potential, looking your best only makes SENSE. In my opinion, the way to look the COOLEST is to find clothing that does several things:
It highlights your best features and is a COMBINATION of being both ORIGINAL and FAMILIAR.

So for example, it would NOT be cool to wear something so insanely far out that there is ZERO point of reference for it. Then it would just be BIZARRE and not cool. Think of when a new cool movie comes out, it’s always a blend of something new and something familiar. Like “The Sixth Sense” is a combo of a horror story, yet it’s also a love story, and also supernatural story. Star Wars, when it came out, was a combo of a western and space fantasy. The specific COMBO is original.

Similarly, wearing something that is ALREADY COOL, but yet somehow different, is ULTRA cool. So for example, let’s say you saw a pair of trendy jeans but then saw a different pair that looked similar but had these insane marks all over them. Get it? Or how about dressing in a way that BREAKS the “rules” of style in a way that it’s clear it was INTENTIONAL?

The thing to remember is to be original. If everyone is wearing those “intentionally” crumpled shirts, then you better not be doing that too. Ultimately, the message you are sending out with your style of dress, haircut, etc, must be CONGRUENT with everything else you are doing as THE MAN.

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Till next time,

Michael W

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