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What It Means To Be 'The Man'

Author: Michael W

Some really important emails came in today that I thought I'd share with you. The answers provide specific and IMMEDIATELY applicable strategies that you can use right now in your interactions with women. These emails include critical topics such as how to get that first hook up, to how to improve things with a woman you are already with, to improving your skills at online dating.

Let's cut to the chase:


Hi Michael,
First I would like to thank you for sharing your knowledge about dating, relationships and that stuff with the rest of the world.

After I broke up with my ex girlfriend, my friend who read your book advised me to buy it and read it. So I did so.

It was great! I just could not believe how "stupid" of a nice guy I was. Being THE MAN as you describe is the most powerful thing that could have happened to me.

And it is only because of you / your book. My relationship with my ex girlfriend with whom I was almost two years broke down because I was a "nice guy".

7 days after we broke up I found a new girl. During those 7 days I read your book, of course.

First I decided to act as THE MAN, as you said, and then it sank in finally, I actually became THE MAN.

I just can't explain how she is crazy about me. How much I am desirable to her... sexy... and so on.

And not just that about her... there is so much good about me. I became stronger! And it is so wonderful.

However... during this time, almost 3 months in this new relationship, I talked to my new girlfriend about her relationships, but discreetly. And she told me everything about that. I also asked her if she ever had a f*&k friend...and her answer was NO. At least she said so.

But I clearly let her now that if she ever lied to me, it is over.

And what happened now...
Last night some of my friends told me that before me she had a f**k friend.

Of course, I didn't believe him because I KNOW her and we talked about everything, and especially because I know the girl who told that to my friend and that girl is a b*(ch.

But anyway a small seed of doubt is right now in me. So I need your advice!
Of course even if there was a f**** friend, it is just a part of her history. But what is s(*t about that is that potential f*&k friend is my friend who didn't tell me anything about that. It even doesn't look like as my girlfriend and he were ever together...

I am just thinking to ask her to tell me the truth while I am just totally
cool and calm...

Suggest my what to do, please.
Thank you for your time!
Peter K.

>>>>MY ANSWER<<<<

Thanks for the props on my book and my materials. For guys reading this by the way, the problem with "nice guys" is that the "nice" is coming not from a place of strength, but from a place of weakness. So, to make my point clear, let me give the example of Superman vs. Clark Kent:

Superman is not a "nice guy", even though he does tons of good things. Clark Kent however, IS a "nice guy"!

When you do good things out of conviction, it's being a MAN.

When you do good things only out of fear, you are a "nice guy".

This is, ironically enough, why jerks and nice guys have a lot in common, even though they are so far apart in other ways. And both jerks and nice guys get very little results with women of quality.

The idea is to be a super MAN.

Now, unless you were born on Krypton, the way to BE this man is to learn how to develop all the incredible parts of your identity that create that awesome emotion known as attraction.

Regarding your email, I'm going to get right to the point here:
First of all, you have to watch out what other people say, because they could just be jealous and trying to ruin what you have.

Second, you yourself mention that the girl who said this stuff is a b**ch.

Third of all, why would you ASK her so fast if she had such a thing in her past? You see, you have to ask yourself the real reasons you were motivated to ask this question. Is it from insecurity? Or is truly because you were just curious? Or was it because you are religious and are looking for a religious girl?

What you want to be doing is creating TRUST and good vibes. Now, there IS a way to ask such a question, but most guys will do it wrong. Because it's coming from an angry place inside which of course makes the other person become defensive.

The MOST important thing, though, to understand is that even if she DID, it is just a part of her history, and could very well be something that ended up not being all that cool to her. Let's face it, if that stuff WAS and IS so cool to her, she wouldn't be with YOU.

ALSO, it may very well have been that she considered it MORE than a f**k friend but it ended up BECOMING a "ff" situation.

This is what often happens in real life. Most girls are not exactly into ffs, because sex is far too easy for them (as it is for guys as well who understand how this whole thing works) and therefore it becomes all about QUALITY and not quantity.

But anyway, my point is that what happens is if the girl feels that her relationship is sinking, she still feels mixed emotions, i.e. bonding emotions are still there, some chemistry might be there but it's all DILUTED and TAINTED and confusing because of lack of trust or other issues, i.e. the guy NOT being the MAN. So some "ff" situations are like that.

But the whole thing is IRRELEVANT anyway, because it's all about how she is treating YOU. Maybe she learned from that situation what she DOESN'T want and makes her desire you even MORE.

The part of what you say about the potential "f**k friend" being your friend who didn't tell you anything about it might be because he feels weird about talking about it, and like you say it might not even be true.

I suggest you don't worry about it as long as your chick is treating you right, and you will find out ALL the truth anyway in time, ESPECIALLY if you DO NOT MAKE HER FEEL "EVIL" for her past.

If you are the man, then you REALLY DON'T CARE, because you KNOW that YOU are all that she cares about anyway!!!

Remember, what counts is that she is into YOU. And by continuing to be "THE MAN" as I explain, you will KEEP her into YOU.

And now, time for our next letter:


Hi Michael,
I have been reading your newsletters for a while, and I truly respect the way you present valuable information to men.

When I can afford it, I am going to buy your eBook.

Two years ago, I lost my true soulmate and 21yo fiance, #######, in a freak car accident when she was modeling in LA.

Subsequently, as a result of the grieving period, it created a severe financial situation and I am still trying to eliminate those debts I have incurred.

I realize you charge for your services to have a question answered but I am financially stricken at the moment and was wondering if you could really help me out this one time.

I ask a kind favour in only answering a predicament for me that has frustrated me for quite some time. No one I have asked in the past, has been able to give me a definitive answer. Perhaps you are my only hope?

I started to date online 6 months ago and I am on 16 dating sites.

I feel being on as many dating sites I can find will only increase my chances of finding what I am looking for. I am a man who will not settle for second best and would rather stay single than to be with someone that's not right for me.

I am a very confident & secure person.

My standards are such that I a want a hot looking girl who is emotionally intelligent and intellectual.

Much like the caliber of my late fiancé, #######... she was a Torrie Wilson (WWE Diva) look-a-like. She was also both compatible and complimentary to my personality.

Now, I am not looking to replace her or want to find someone exactly like her. I want to find someone of that caliber.

I get loads of online women emailing me directly, overwhelmed by how good I look and how good I sound. I even get comments on a regular basis of women telling me I sound too good to be true or that I am every woman's dream guy...these women literally throw themselves at me... but unfortunately they are all women I don't find physically attractive in any way.

Yes, I am extremely fussy and have very high standards in the looks department. I don't mean to sound shallow but a strong physical attraction is of major importance to me.

When I make the approach of women that I find are of the caliber of Torrie Wilson, I keep my email short.

I always say something completely different and interesting to what most needy, submissive and insecure men would write to them.

It's always something that I feel you would condone me saying. It's to the point, a few sentences long and I always make a reference to something in their profile that is either common to us with a slight twist or something that intrigues me, put in a way that ordinarily should get their attention.

Most of all I write an email to them, to give them a clear indication that I have actually read their profile and not sent a template email.

My question to you is this:
Why is it that over 600 hot looking local girls of all ages, that I have contacted on 16 different dating sites, over the last 6 months, have never replied to me or any others have not approached me directly from my profile?

Now I will tell you, I am 38 years old. I live in Australia. I am a very attractive guy, extremely handsome, look 10 years younger as I look after myself very well (and all those opinions are not mine, that's generally what all women say when they approach me).

I am masculine in all the right ways, athletic and 6'3" tall. Now... can't imagine 600+ women not finding me attractive at all and just deleting my email.

There has to be some of those women who want a hot looking guy? Right? I believe I am following your principles exactly and it just doesn't seem to be working for me?

I have cut and pasted my online dating profile below, as it appears on any of the sites I am on.

What is it about my profile that puts these women off? Are they intimidated by me, don't think my photo is real, don't find me relatable or their insecurities choose not to want a guy like me?

I would really appreciate your input, as I am at a point where I just don't understand why I am not getting any responses when my late fiancé was a super hot looking girl who chased me like there was no other man she wanted on this earth.

My profile description:
"When I get the urge to run around naked, I just drink some Windex. It keeps me from streaking! I'm just kidding .... if I really did that I would seriously look like a blue tongue lizard :) On a serious note, is it true that women are like domain names? All the good ones are taken?"

"I am here to find out, no matter how long it takes, there must be one left somewhere."

"I am very much a versatile person who sustains a lot of depth, yet can be affectionately playful, spontaneous and adventurous with a witty sense of humour. My personality is expressively pleasant and I enjoy life to the fullest. The respect I have for a woman is such that my approach is always genuine, honest and sincere."

"I am primarily looking to explore an opportunity with someone complimentary and compatible to see where it may lead. I'm well educated with a university degree and previously worked in the teaching industry but now pursuing a more creative passion."

"I'm very easy going with a down to earth nature and a positive attitude. Expressive, articulate, creative, intelligent and resourceful. I'm described by many as tall, dark and handsome with a kind heart that is always considerate. Always a man that is loyal, unconditional, compassionate, courteous and reliable to the point you can always count on me."

"I have the confidence to be a real man not a mouse and I know exactly what I want out of life. I am emotionally intelligent to give a woman the very best of me and make her feel truly appreciated. As I value the benefits of emotional intimacy between a man and a woman."

"I enjoy travel as much as anyone, often I drive to Bunnings and check out their tool section but my favourite destination is Pick-a-Part when the weather is good. So if you would like to come for a scenic drive to Autobarn one day, just drop me a line!"


First of all, I'm sorry to hear about that tragedy.

Regarding your question, though, it almost sounds from the online profile you included that you BROKE every principle I discuss.

I say this not to criticize, just to help you realize that there is a REASON why you are not getting results, which means you can CHANGE THIS AROUND at WILL.

Without turning this into a sales pitch, this is part of the reason why getting my actual materials will help so much so you can get the FULL picture of how things work with women.

Before I dissect your profile, I want to also mention to all the guys reading this who think it's all about "looks" to finally get that limiting belief out of their heads. A guy can have "the looks" and still not get anywhere.

It's about creating the right EMOTIONS in women from the way you BEHAVE. And without doing it, you can have all the looks in the world still have a tough time, although of course it will initially open the door with most women at first.

That's why you hear a lot of women say stuff like "It was all good till he opened his mouth."

Regarding your profile description, it would take me HOURS to re-write it, but let me IMMEDIATELY point out some of the things that are RED FLAGS waving wildly.

The Windex joke with streaking, you tried to be funny. So I give you props for trying. But the problem is the image we picture there is NOT FUNNY, it's a bit weird. A cross between goofy and dorky and trying too hard to be funny.

It doesn't paint you in a SUPERIOR light. This is NOT the way of the MAN.

The only time a self-deprecating comment works is when CLEARLY you are in the superior position, or when EVERY GUY goes around saying some comment about how cool he is, i.e. HIS JOB, so then in fact YOU sound cooler by NOT trying to prove yourself.

When I used to work in advertising at one of the biggest advertising firms in Toronto, when girls asked me what I did, and they found out, I would call it "bottom of the barrel" work.

Why? Because every other fool would try to show off about it, trying to PROVE HIMSELF because he has nothing else going on for him and because he feels the need to show off to impress her. Which actually not only makes him seem uncool, but also seem like a jerk, an asshole.

The second thing I need to point out here is when you basically ask:
"Are all the good women taken"?

What you have to realize, you see, is that this isn't the way to start off with the right kind of VIBE.

It sounds a bit sad, a bit desperate.

Then the "blasphemy" against the ways of THE MAN continue- by going into REALLY DESPERATE territory when you say, "I am here to find out, no matter how long it takes, there must be one left somewhere."

I can hear the lilting strains of a sad love song coming on.

This is NOT THE WAY to get off to a good start.

You then mention all types of things to QUALIFY yourself, as if you need to PROVE something, like an inferior. Inferiority is the ANTI-ATTRACTION.

Not only that, but by getting into all this LOGICAL hogwash like "I am very much a versatile person who sustains a lot of depth" you are committing one of the CARDINAL SINS in the game of attraction:


You did the sin of trying to get her through LOGIC.
You were trying to get her through making SENSE.

Look, if it worked THAT way, then all a guy would have to do is SAY he's great, or explain it, and presto-he would have the woman.

Instead, what you must do is SHOW IT, not say it. BE PLAYFUL, don't just SAY you are playful.

Your profile should BE playful if you want to convey playfulness. Your profile should BE intriguing if you want to convey intriguing. Your profile should BE cool if you want to convey cool.

Then you go on with "my approach is always genuine, honest and sincere."

This ain't my STYLE.
This AIN'T in any of my material.
This is ANTI-THE MAN stuff!

I DO believe in being honest, but I don't believe in this logical boring stuff at ALL for creating the initial attraction.

It doesn't work, it's just been heard too often and it's too boring and the reason guys feel the need to say it is out of desperation and the women you want know this.

Then you go on to MORE LOGICAL stuff:
"I am primarily looking to explore an opportunity" etc.

Sounds like a RESUME or cover letter for a job interview!!!

This is S-E-X and FUN and GOOD TIMES, not the workplace!

"I'm well educated with a university degree".

You may as well just say "I desperately hope you like me" because women will read it as the same thing, or they will simply be neutral, since this stuff is NOT making the visceral juices flow.

It would be different if you articulated about the education stuff in a way that DID make emotional impact, i.e. speaking about how in fact formal education may be important, but the most important things you learned from LIFE experience.

And THEN comes the CLINCHER:
"Always a man that is loyal, unconditional, compassionate, courteous and reliable to the point you can always count on me."

Oh MAN!!!!!!!!!
See, this stuff is what you say to a a woman who has TRULY EARNED your respect and affection, not to total strangers.

Otherwise, saying that stuff is what I recommend guys say to women who they WANT TO REPULSE!!! Seriously!!!

Now, you had some points with the "the confidence to be a real man not a mouse and I know exactly what I want out of life" comment, but then veered off again with "make her feel truly appreciated."

Regarding the tool comment, I'm not even going to make a joke there. I think you might have done that as a joke, but the way you put it makes it sound like that's your idea of FUN.

Again, no emotions created.
It might be different if you wrote details about how you enjoy something like ice mountain climbing, if that was something you were interested in.

And definitely, by the way, you don't need 16 dating sites.
A few will do, if you just get the SKILLS down pat.

Hope that helps!

And if you are reading this right now and you would like to get the most ADVANCED resource on the PLANET for all this stuff, from how to meet women anywhere, to how to trigger attraction INSTANTLY, to developing a killer sense of humor laced with sexuality, to how to trigger ANY emotion in a woman, to how to progress quickly from first approach to getting physical in a smooth way, and much, much more, then you owe it to yourself to get my SEDUCTION MASTERY APPRENTICESHIP PROGRAM.

This program will give you the DEEPEST insights for getting results, and you will refer back to this program for LIFE.
It's at:

Seduction Mastery Apprenticeship Program

And definitely, if you haven't yet read my eBook, "The Dating Wizard: Secrets to Success with Women", then download it IMMEDIATELY. You can be reading it and using it to meet more women right NOW.
It's at:

Dating Wizard: Secrets to Success with Women

Till next time,

Michael W

P.s Let me first state that what I do is not fiction. Not only do I do it myself, but I have also taught COMPLETE BEGINNER STUDENTS to accomplish what I do as WELL, in RECORD time, and all this has been VERIFIED and PROVEN by independent journalists, (as opposed to just making them up, which is what most "masters" are doing) which you can quickly check out yourself at here.

I take teaching very seriously, and it's not just something that is a "job" for me. It's about changing the planet. As my professor told me in teacher's college, "we can either teach for the world we live in, or for the world in which we want to live". And I want to create a world where men and women GET each other and get along in the BEST of ways.

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