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What You Should Know About Attractive Women

Author: Michael W

Attractive women are going out of their minds. They are going out of their minds with BOREDOM.

Do you know why?
Because, without expending any effort, attractive women tend to have the things that most people DREAM of having. An attractive woman can sleep with ANY guy she wants. She also has men willing to pay for her things, and buy her endless fancy gifts, and give her deluxe butt kissing treatment. Her female friends wish they could be her, and they look up to her and her exploits. (They’re also jealous as heck, but that’s another story)

All this ends up making attractive women feel that they are superior beings. After all, they are given that message in all their interactions with most people, male or female. And if you feel that you are superior, then you feel NO GUILT WHATSOEVER about treating other people with less respect (to put it mildly) than you’d demand for yourself.

They have no problem sleeping at night being dishonest or rude. All this changes, however, if a woman feels she is dealing with someone who is just as “superior” as she is, if not even MORE SO.

This is the cold hard truth.

This is a big reason (not the only reason, though) why women do things like agree to meet you for a first date and then “flake out” and never show up. Most guys communicate to attractive women that they are inferior to the women.

They do this with extra-nice behavior, like smiling way more than they would with someone else, or by buying her fancy dinners, or by showing off in an effort to show that they are worthy.

Sometimes, guys give off the aura of being inferior by acting MEAN, which women can see right through as a device designed to overcompensate for low self-esteem.

And because attractive women are BOMBARDED by men, they must QUICKLY decide if a guy is worth their time- this is why FIRST IMPRESSIONS are so important. Attractive women feel sexual chemistry a man who EXUDES an aura of ABSOLUTE SUPERIORITY.

Some guys think this means to be a total jerk. Wrong. A jerk would show off a lot, and be cruel, and give off the message that he is actually insecure. Which is almost as bad as being too nice.

When you hear about a woman who calls her boyfriend a jerk, but she stays with him, the reality is most likely that he is not a real jerk, just a cocky super-confident guy that cannot be pushed around.

There are many ways to convey that you have SUPERIOR INTRINSIC VALUE.

Here are few examples to show SIV when you meet a woman anywhere:
1. Teasing her in a friendly way- something she is doing, wearing, etc. Being a smartass shows you’re in control.
2. Not pressuring her in any way, no matter how subtle, and just enjoying the conversation.

Examples of not creating subtle pressure is NOT giving her compliments- she knows those compliments usually mean you want something. Also, NOT physically leaning in toward her all the time as if her every word was divine.) This means that you are not needy and don’t need to resort to these “pressure” methods, since you have plenty of other women and so are laid back.

3. Hitting it off in conversation with other women around you.
4. Instead of trying so hard to get along, playfully accuse them of doing naughty things. This shows you don’t need to impress them, and is funny too.
5. Letting women know that you know their games- this tells women you must have been with a lot of women in order to know.
6. Not tolerating the slightest iota of disrespect, while at the same time not getting emotional about it. This shows a woman that you are used to getting respect and that you have no need to keep her around if she doesn’t meet your standards.

These are just a FEW methods of indicating SIV. Once a woman senses and feels that you are a bit superior to her, she’ll feel a sense of attraction she hasn’t felt in a long time.

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Till next time,

Michael W

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