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Winning The Audition

Author: Michael W

When you first meet a woman, you do not have the luxury of conveying your whole life story and all the cool things you may have actually done.

There's just no time. And women don't have this luxury either. That's why we all try to make good first impressions.

I do not condone lying to women or pretending- I do condone putting your BEST FOOT FORWARD.

A good analogy for success with approaching women is the actor's audition. The actor gets his turn to read for a part, and he uses all his skills including the subtlest nuances of performance, to convey he is a certain character.

Sometimes, when a performance is powerful, overwhelming emotions are evoked. We can't help but laugh, or feel an adrenaline rush, or cry, etc. These emotions are the result of a story, costumes, a script, an actor, a setting, etc.

If you want to be able to approach a beautiful woman who is a complete stranger and walk home with her real number or email, or with her, you have to convey, with all the power of even the subtlest nuances, that YOU are the character that SHE is looking for.

You must use the setting provided, the context of the situation, to augment YOUR "performance", to evoke the right emotions, so that she ends up happily being with YOU.

Specifically, you need to:

1. Make her feel that you look sexy.
2. Make her feel that you have a "cool" sexy personality.
3. Make her feel that you two have a "connection".

The only time number three does not count is when you factor in major alcohol, and there are girls who LOVE the whole drinking and smoking scene.

Which just goes to show you that under NORMAL psychological conditions, a girl will not give herself over to a guy without also feeling some connection.

Back to the "audition": If you watch the performance of a great actor playing a sexy persona, you'll notice many details in the subtleties of his performance- all the way down the way he crinkles his eyebrows to the inflexion of his voice, to the way he controls the pace of a conversation.

Everything he does ENHANCES his SEXINESS. In seconds, he accomplishes 1-3 above!

And, no, not all these actors are famous for their looks. Yet they are masters of conveying 1-3.

Now, what is amazing is that in less than 3 or 4 seconds, MOST guys convey the EXACT OPPOSITE of 1-3!

Okay, number ONE - a guy's "looks" is the simple one: Listen, most guys do NOT do the best they can to look their best. Whether it's their physical selves, or their clothing style, they are not doing justice to their potential. Most guys could look THREE times as good if they just paid attention to this.

Exercising, having a good diet, having at least one stylish set of clothes and shoes for going out, and getting a cool haircut are not beyond reach unless you are plain lazy. The trickier part is conveying a cool personality and developing a sense of connection.

Okay, so what is a "cool" personality?

A COOL personality is not so much "interesting" as it is also COMPELLING, INTRIGUING and CONVEYING POWER. It's showing you are THE MAN in various elaborate ways.

This should go without saying, but just in case it's not obvious, this also means not forcing things in a way that you end up coming across as desperate or psycho! Unless you're a famous movie star that she is already in love with, immediately crowding a woman and standing within one inch of her nose can be pretty scary for her.

Next point: A LOT of guys get confused about what it means to be cool- when trying to be FUNNY for example. Or trying to be INTELLIGENT. Or trying to be USEFUL. Or COMPLIMENTARY.

Now, those things COULD be cool, but are not cool on their own.

Think of it this way:
Take all the things you normally associate with INTERESTING and INJECT them with the "JUICE" of PASSION, CONFIDENCE, INTRIGUE.

So for example, instead of saying a joke that is just FUNNY, make it also the kind of joke that STANDS OUT and a joke that only a guy who is CONFIDENCE and has GUTS would say. And don't just be intelligent, add JUICE to Your intelligence, for example through GUTSY humor: i.e. Let's say you are at a museum and staring at a relic and there is a woman beside you that you want to speak with. Instead of showing off your endless but dry knowledge about the Jurassic Era in terms of statistics, JUICE IT UP:
i.e. YOU: Did you know that the dinosaurs were wiped out by asteroids before human beings even walked the planet?
HER: Really?
YOU: Yes, really, although I know that conflicts with the knowledge you gained from watching the Flintstones!
HER- (punching you in that friendly way and getting into you)

In the span of a few seconds, you have conveyed that you are not only KNOWLEDGEABLE (which on it's own could be "dry" and boring) but also CHARMING, MAGNETIC and CONFIDENT. The dinosaurs, the asteroids, the extinction have what Hollywood would call "sex appeal". It's the same thing with what your personality- what you convey through your words and topics and body language.

The joke about her watching the Flintstones for knowledge is GUTSY and CONFIDENT.. and FUNNY.

Everything you do with a woman, must be combined with conveying that you are the most desirable man on the planet- confident, popular, successful, and worthy of trust. This does NOT mean to lie. It means to put your BEST FOOT FORWARD, through all the SUBTLE yet crucial nuances that convey you are the BEST. Listen, women prep themselves for HOURS with make-up themselves look the BEST that they can. Actually, it makes them look BETTER than they are, But nobody ever accuses women of being deceitful by wearing sexy clothing and makeup.

If you are going to give a compliment to a woman, or if you are going to give trust to a woman, do it through the prism of being the most desirable man- i.e. let her EARN it from you, and then believe me, she will value it far more, since it came from someone who is selective.

Okay, number three, establishing the connection.

Again, most guys go about this the wrong way. They try to build the connection through nodding to everything the woman says, instead, build the connection through BEING THE MAN, the most desirable man, who does not just nod like a dummy, but as he listens to a woman speak, he hones in on the HEART of what she is communicating, and using his INTELLIGENCE and LEADERSHIP, he plunges even DEEPER into the ESSENCE of what she is communicating to convey deep understanding.

As the great conservative leader Madonna said: "Love is understanding".

You don't have to kiss up to a woman to UNDERSTAND her perspectives. You MUST quickly help her feel that you are sexy, cool, and that you both share a connection- otherwise, you will find she will "flake" on you- i.e. not answer your emails, etc, etc.

Success with women has many levels and dimensions to it. I've touched on some crucial ideas here, that I encourage you to not only think about, but to APPLY in real life. And if you are reading this right now and want to get on the EXPRESSWAY to success with women, then I recommend you download and read my eBook, The Dating Wizard: Secrets to Success with Women.

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Till next time,

Michael W

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