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Mr. M

Mr. M is the lead Love Systems instructor for UK and Europe. Listen to Mr M's audio interview series:

Also check out Mr M's book The Ultimate Guide to Text and Phone Game as well as Love Systems Magic Bullets, the Routines Manual, and Routines Manual 2.

In the beginning, Mr. M was hopeless with women. He had his first kiss at 20 years old. Students and friends regularly describe Mr M as 'short and ugly.'

After reaching a stage of utter desperation, Mr. M made a dramatic life change and embarked upon a full-time voyage of searching out and learning from the greatest seductionists and pick up gurus worldwide, including studying inner game with nomadic monks in rural Africa

For over three years Mr. M committed his life to mastering inner game, outer game, social dynamics and attraction.

Since that time, Mr. M has dated celebrities, models, exotic dancers, actresses, Playboy Playmates and professionals alike. His story is an inspiration to students and instructors alike.

Below is a list of Mr M's best articles:

Social Circle Pick Up

Mr. M - I hope to delve into some seriously groundbreaking stuff related to both social dynamics and social circles in this four part series.

Social Circle Mastery

Mr. M - 'Social Circle Mastery' is the foundation of “next generation” pick up and dating techniques. It takes us beyond relying only on “cold approach” to meet women and enhance your social life.

Comprehensive Guide To Attraction

Mr M - The question that I hear most frequently from students on bootcamp who want to better themselves with women is: ‘how do I get a woman attracted to me?'

Achieving Social Dominance

Mr. M - This represents the third and penultimate article in the ‘Revealing the Social Matrix’ article series.

Guide To Qualification

Mr. M - Many students at bootcamps get completely caught up on approaching and attracting girls. While these are crucial steps, understanding qualification and the value of setting a qualifying context to the interaction is absolutely crucial not only for successfully getting a woman, but also for getting better with women generally.

Attractive Reactiveness

Mr. M - Let’s take a look at one of the basic concepts of game - UNREACTIVITY.

Inverted Seduction Principle

Mr. M - This principle goes against some traditional game theory, but is extremely powerful.

Text Game Basics

Mr. M - Almost all of the psychological tools that are used in real life seduction can be used in Phone and Text Game (besides sex of course!). For example, attraction, comfort and even sexual escalation can be achieved by using your phone effectively.

Makeup Opener

Mr. M - This opener is most useful in all-female groups. Because it leads quickly into playful teasing, it is especially suitable for extremely attractive women.

Bar Opener

Mr. M - This is great to deliver at a bar, talking over your shoulder while waiting for a drink. Don’t bother with it at malls or coffee shops; it may come across as contrived.

Pick Up Europe Nordics Women

Mr. M - There are over 50 different countries in Europe, each with unique cultural, geographical and religious influences. This article will focus on the Nordics (Sweden, Norway, Finland, Denmark).

Pick Up In The UK

Mr. M, 5.0 - British Girls are generally not as sexually open, or as quick to be sexual, as Americans and other Europeans.