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Basics Of Text Game

Author: Mr. M

Text game is a crucial part of your seduction toolbox. Braddock and I will soon be releasing a revolutionary eBook entitled, “The Definitive Guide to Phone and Text Game”. This article covers some of the basics that we delve into in that eBook.

Almost all of the psychological tools that are used in real life seduction can be used in Phone and Text Game (besides sex of course!). For example, attraction, comfort and even sexual escalation can be achieved by using your phone effectively.

The objective of phone and text game should be (1) to arrange a meeting (a date) and (2) to create the requisite amount of attraction / comfort / sexual tension so that the date goes well (i.e. hopefully leads to sex!).
This article will cover some of the basic principles of text game – in particular:
(1) the things that you can and should do once you get her phone number; and (2) some guidance on your first texts to her.

Seeding The Text

This is a technique that Braddock and I refer to as ‘seeding the text’. Basically what it means is that you prepare her for the first text somehow. So for example, immediately after getting her phone number, you could say something to her like:
“Text me when you get home” or
“I’ll text you my first impression of you”

A good technique is also to call her the minute you get her phone number and create a fun role-play. For example, you could say something like, “Hi, this is [your name]. I met this really cute girl at the bar tonight but then I started talking to her and found out that she is kind of weird and stalkerish. I’m calling because I need advice as to how to get rid of bar stalkers.” Another example is to say something like “I’ll get my secretary to call your secretary” and then tosend a follow up text saying something like “Hey this is Candy, [your name]’s hot, busty assistant. Is 7:30 tomorrow OK? ;)”.

Finally, an interesting gambit that I have heard about is to use a pen and paper and to say something like “draw a picture of yourself so I can remember what you look like“ while you get her number (credit Kid44). You can then tease her about her diagram.

Immediate Follow Up Texts

A follow up text is when you text her within 0-10 minutes of meeting her. Follow up texts (or phone calls, as above) are an ideal way to (1) get her used to the idea of texting you (2) contact her later that night for the same night lay.

Ideally, a follow-up text shouldn’t include a question so it doesn’t require much compliance from her.  These types of low compliance texts are most useful when the girl doesn’t have your number yet.

As a side note, it is generally a GOLDEN RULE that she should have your number in her phone too. Don’t just take her number, put yours into her phone. Often, you can put your name as something funny like, ‘Cute Oklahoma Boy With Nice Ass’ or something more specific to you. That way, she laughs and is in a better emotional state as soon as she gets a text from you.

The best types of follow up text are those which involve callback humor (i.e. relate to something that was said in the actual interaction between you and her). Here are examples of some follow-up texts that tend to work well:
“How’s my favorite little brat doing?”
“It’s me, your phone. I wanted to get out of your pocket. The smell in there is unbearable. Take care.”

When is the best time to text?

Selecting a good time to text is key for two reasons. The first reason is what it says about YOU! Cool, high value guys have busy lives. You go out often and you have a fun and exciting life. So the time that you text is crucial as it should indicate that you have an awesome busy life and you’re not just thinking about the girl you met in the bar the other day. You should generally avoid texting a girl on a Friday night unless there was some indication earlier during the day (or through the course of your interaction, whenever it was) that you may meet up during the night.

Consider it this way. Hot girls ALWAYS have something going on. If they’re hot then guys and girls are going to be calling them out all the time. Thus if you don’t catch them at the right time they may not respond to your text. For example, they may have received a text and just not replied in that moment because they are busy doing something else. They would then likely forget to reply altogether.

Therefore the best time to text is when she’s alone in her room or relaxing. The most likely times that this will be happening are:

  1. 7pm Sunday. There is a good chance she’ll be alone on a Sunday evening.
  2. 9pm any other day. Usually this is the period just after dinner but before she goes to sleep.
  3. If you have to text during the day, then 12 pm – 2 pm is ideal (lunchtime!).

Texting at 7pm and 9pm also has an added advantage. These times lead to bedtime. If you are the last person that she thinks about before she goes to sleep and thus, likely the first person she thinks about when she wakes up, you will resonate in her subconscious mind (beware, she may also resonate in yours!).

How long should you wait before you text? If it was a direct day approach then text that same day or the day after at the latest. Alternatively – if you met her during the night time, a text the next day may be more appropriate (unless you want to employ the immediate follow up text or phone call as described above).

This needs to be calibrated depending on your interaction.

Opening texts

Your opening text should be congruent with your interaction and the image you portrayed. In general, it’s good to have a fun playful tone with your texts.
Here are examples of easy going and fun texts that you can use:
“What’s up poster girl?”
 “Hey goober/shrimp/whatever fits, I just saw the cutest little X and thought of you.
“You wouldn’t believe the dream I had last night.”
“I just met your twin”

Remember that the point of the opening text is to either bring her good emotions, make her smile, laugh or be intrigued and then compel her to write back. Most guys are too serious with their opening text and get to the invite to the date WAY too fast. The emphasis should be on being playful and fun and building or rebuilding the levels of comfort and attraction.

Situational Opening Texts – A Good Strategy For Subsequent Text Exchanges

Situational opening texts are a good strategy for the second to third times that you initiate text contact with her. They can work well to get a conversation going but you eventually need to transition them into your desired objective (which should generally be a date or meet up).
Here are examples of situational opening texts:
 “If nose hairs were a sign of masculinity, the guy opposite me would be the hulk.”
 “Maybe it’s the booze talking, but I want you to know that I love booze.”
These are best used when you have something fun lined up with friends already and then you can invite her out as part of the conversation.

The Structure of Messages For Setting Up a Date

If the interaction between you and her went particularly well, you may want to go directly for a date on your first text message. If this is the case, you can employ a certain structure (credit DaHunter):

  1. Open with the Nickname – The purpose of the nickname is to set a fun and playful tonality to the text message.
  2. Reason for text/response to their text – This is to ‘ground’ the text. You’re not just texting her out of the blue.
  3. Suggested course of action/genuine question – this is what most guys text. They simply text stuff like “We should hang out”. This will cause her to react because she will basically be saying ‘yes’ to you asking her out. It will cause her to feel some small level of discomfort and she will feel like she’s on the spot.
  4. Random statement to disguise weight of previous sentence – This is the key to disarming her. Put in something that is random that distracts her so she can have fun with her reply whilst still saying yes.

As an example:
Hey cutie / shorty / rabbit / whatever name you called her

I was thinking / What you doing?

You know we should really hit [that place you spoke about in your interaction] / Have you ever been to a daytime nightclub? /  I’m busy Thursday and Friday but we should grab a drink on Wednesday.

P.s. Do you like Dave Matthews Band? / P.s. what’s your view on Marshmallows? / Ever wondered who would win in a contest between a rabbit and a smurf? / More importantly, do you have a geeky side?

The principle is that by reading the last line of your text (the random/funny/intriguing statement) she’ll smile, laugh or at the least be interested in your text and then reply your text.

There are many other awesome strategies, techniques and gambits which can be used for Phone and Text Game. Braddock and I cover them and provide many real life examples of text exchanges in ‘The Definitive Guide on Text and Phone Game” eBook. It is over 180 pages of the best information on Text and Phone Game, including live scripts of successful text and phone seductions and advanced tips and tactics (including how to get her even when you think that she might flake).

The book will be released on January 21st, 2010. You can find more information about it by clicking here. The book will be released less than 24 hours from now and the first 1,000 buyers will get free bonuses with their purchase. The bonuses will include one audio download ($40), the Phone Game Interview Series ($40), and 3 eBooks ($97) on phone and text game! That is over $177 worth of bonuses and only available for the first 1,000 buyers.

I'm the lead Love Systems instructor for UK and Europe. Listen to my audio interview series:

Also check out my book The Ultimate Guide to Text and Phone Game as well as Love Systems Magic Bullets, the Routines Manual, and Routines Manual 2.

Mr. M

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