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Bear Routine (Story)

Author: Mystery

Ever been camping? Well I was up in a forest up north and was hiking with some girlfriends of mine ... and we came along some trail and there was shit on the path. My friends were like, "haaaa someone shit in the woods" and I said, "lets get the fuck out of here like NOW."

They thought I was just scared of shit and I said, "Girls, you dont get it. This shit is still warm and its not human. Its bear shit. This is a big fucking bear. Look at the size of that turd."

Notice it's not sexual? Most hot girls gets get "sex-talk" right away from AFCs. NOT talking sex with them makes them question whether you are interested in them. Leave them guessing until you get indicators of interest from them. If they like your great personality (confident, humorous, etc) they will give you subtle but distinct clues.

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