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Boyfriend Destroyer Routine

Author: Mystery

“I’m gonna ask you some questions, and I don’t want you to answer with words. I want you to answer with your hand.
I’m gonna ask you about some things like your job. If something is close to your heart, hold your hand close to your heart. If it’s far away, hold your hand far away. If it’s in between, hold your hand there.

“Now, how close is your job to your heart?

“Think about something you’re really passionate about, like a hobby. Do you have it? How close is that to your heart?

“How close is your boyfriend to your heart?

“How close is your family to your heart?

“Now, if I was to offer you another job that was right there [he moves her hand near her face, closer than her original job], would you take it?”

She answers yes.

“And if a some guy came along [Chris is waving his hands toward me] who was right there [he moves her hand so it’s touching her nose], would you take him?”


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