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Mystery's Classic Kiss Close

Author: Mystery

You ask, "Would you like to kiss me?

If she says yes, kiss her.

If she says, "Maybe," ''Why?", "What do you mean" or "I donno" it means she does, but is shy about it. Reply with a gleam in your eye, "Let's find out..." *kiss*

Remember to caress the back of her neck to show you mean business.

If she says no, you reply, "Well I didn't say you could, it just looked like you had something on your mind." (Don't ask "Why not?" This shows low self-esteem.)
If she says, "not yet" or "not here" it means she is open to it but there is a logistical issue. Perhaps her friends are nearby, or she needs more gaming first. Say, "I understand," and continue gaming her.

Does it seem as if most of these lines involve asking her for permission in order to kiss her? Is that wimpy? They are just considerations. We've found that just going for the kiss without indicating your intentions can sometimes lead to embarrassment — more than her saying just saying no.

When she says no, that is much easier to save face from than the situation where you try to kiss her and she moves away.

That having been said, feel free to field-test every possible kiss move that you can think of. Just go right in for the kiss without saying a word. If she turns her head, use your hand to turn it back and kiss her anyway. Test it out a hundred times. Be enthusiastically willing to brainstorm and experiment.

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