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Cologne Opener

Author: Mystery

In a mall put on a different cologne on each wrist and ask girls which one smells better on you. Go back and forth several times between arms and make cute faces when you do.

Have something queued up and ready to go immediately afterwards.


Hey guys, I want your opinion on something. See, I have two different after shaves on my wrists, and I want to see which one you like better”

<let them smell the cologne. Be cocky and funny, neg the target etc>

The reason is, I have so many after shaves from ex-girlfriends on my shelf, and I want to give some of them away and keep the best ones

Variation 1
After she picks one, you pull out a pen and make a mark on your wrist, next to five or ten others….

Variation 2
Her: “so what are they”
You: “this one is hemlock and this one is chloroform” (cocky funny)

Variation 3
Thanks, I have all these old colognes around the house, so im having a face off. This one has won ten days in a row.

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