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Five Questions Game

Author: Neil Strauss

PUA: I'm going to play a lil game with you, to measure how intelligent you are (OK), but we have to bet something,,,, like what do you wanna bet, a dollar, a drink (I don't know... whatever you say), Ok, Look, You like starbucks? (I LOVE Starbucks, that's usually what all girls say) Cool, If you win, I'll buy starbucks, If I win, You buy ME starbucks


PUA: Cool, so what I'm gonna do is ask you five questions, and you have to answer them wrong, if you give the right answer to any of the questions, you lose, got it?

TARGET: Yeah..

PUA: OK, What city are we in? (Gives you wrong answer)
What state are we in? (Wrong answer)
What's today's date? (Gives you the wrong answer)
(Here is the trick, in a curious voice) How many was that?
Sometimes they fall and say "3?", if they say 3, then you say,
HA! I got you!
If they say something like 7! (Wrong answer), you say more calmly now "Oh man, you got me, have you played this game before?"
Since they are usually excited cause they thought they had won, they
say "No"
Then you say "ha! I GOT YOU on the fifth one!"


PUA: Cool, now I have starbucks over the weekend (Imply the weekend or tonight or tomorrow, It's important)

Neil Strauss

Neil Strauss aka Style author of The Game which follows his development from a guy who was hopeless with women to become one of the greatest pick up artist in the seduction community. His book gave many men hope that they could do the same and hence learn how to become irresistible to women. He started learning pick up with the mystery method.

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