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Jealous Girlfriend Opener

Author: Neil Strauss

Hey guys, I need a female perspective on something. This’ll only take a minute. My roommate’s girlfriend just found a shoebox he keeps hidden in a dresser drawer, and she’s really upset about it.

It’s nothing bad, just pictures of him and ex-girlfriends on vacation and old love letters he got in high school and stuff. But for some reason his girlfriend is freaking out about this and wants him to get rid of it or she’s threatening to break up with him.

Is this normal female behavior?”

So now she wants him to burn the box or she’s leaving him, isn’t that fucked up??

(girls get ridiculously into this opener and it helps if you tease them for it)


Style:  Hey guys, let me get your opinion on something. I’m trying to give my friend over there advice, but we’re just a bunch of guys and not qualified to comment on these matters.

HBs:  What?

Style:  Okay, see Wing over there. Well, he has been dating a girl for three months. And she just moved in with him. Now, this is a two part question. So, imagine you’ve been dating someone for three months. And he is still friends with his old girlfriend from college. How do you feel about that?

HBs:  blah blah blah are they just friends blah blah blah

Style:  Yes, they’re JUST friends. There’s nothing else going on. They talk like once a week at most.

HBs:  I think it’s fine/I don’t think they should be talking/whatever

Style:  Okay, now let’s say that he has a drawer in his apartment. And in that drawer he keeps all of his old photographs and letters. Now, some of those letters happen to be from ex’es and some of the photographs happen to be with ex’es.

HBs:  blah blah blah concerned comment blah blah question

Style:  It’s not like he ever looks at them. They are just there, like old souvenirs and memories of his past.

HBs:  I think it’s fine/I think he should put them away in a closet/He should destroy them/whatever

Style:  Okay, the reason I’m asking is because WING’s girlfriend says doesn’t want him to talk to his ex from college at all. She wants him to cut it off completely. And she wants him to destroy all of his old photos and letters from ex’es. She says it’s just holding onto the past, and he should let go of it now. Personally, I thought it was extreme and a bit insecure. But what do I know. I’m a guy. And, as we all know, guys think differently from girls…

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Neil Strauss

Neil Strauss aka Style author of The Game which follows his development from a guy who was hopeless with women to become one of the greatest pick up artist in the seduction community. His book gave many men hope that they could do the same and hence learn how to become irresistible to women. He started learning pick up with the mystery method.

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