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Squeeze My Ass Opener

Author: Neil Strauss

Me: Well check it out properly then, its not going to bite you!
[Both move closer and point butt out to her]

They either give it a squeeze or laugh or decline to. If they laugh then say, “'well its not going to feel itself is it!', if decline then tease them.

If they squeeze, go 180 on them and say, "Oh my god, I can't believe you just squeezed my butt. You are so forward. Do you always do this with guys you just met?" Then dust off your butt, "Geez. If you're going to touch, touch a little higher." (If you want, you can even PAWN here for a different set by saying: "You see those girls over there. I bet they wouldn't just grab a stranger's ass." Then ask them, "Can you believe what this girl right here just did to me? I mean, can't a couple of guys talk amongst Themselves for a little while without being attacked and sexually assaulted like pieces of meat.")

ME: WHAT? ? [turn her round, then both you and wing give her ass a little squeeze]

Then DON'T squeeze their ass. It's too easy. Keep flip-flopping frames. Play hard to get: tell her, "You know what, I don't know you well enough yet. I mean, we just met, and you're already trying to get me to feel you up. Just because you're easy doesn't mean I'm going to go home with you."

Push-pull, push-pull, push-pull, push-pull-*close. Get it?.

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Neil Strauss

Neil Strauss aka Style author of The Game which follows his development from a guy who was hopeless with women to become one of the greatest pick up artist in the seduction community. His book gave many men hope that they could do the same and hence learn how to become irresistible to women. He started learning pick up with the mystery method.

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