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Breast Enlargement Opener

Author: Savoy

This opener is a bit outrageous so it’s best saved for bars and clubs and used on women who look like they or their friends have had or seriously considered having breast enlargement.

“My friend’s girlfriend is planning to have breast enlargement surgery as her birthday present to him. He doesn’t know about this and I don’t think he’ll be happy. Should I say something to her? Or to him?”

(They respond.)

Follow–on 1: “Here’s the thing, I think her real motivation might be that her sister just got her breasts done and they’ve always been really competitive. But would someone really change their body like that just out of jealousy?”

Follow–on 2: “I wonder if it’s even my place to say something because I used to hook up with her sometimes – she’s really beautiful but not my type, so I introduced her to my friend. I’ve tried to stay out of their relationship, but I don’t want either of them to be unhappy.”

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