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Secretary Opener

Author: Savoy

All the analysis from Child Support opener applies here.

“So here’s the thing. I’ve been fucking my secretary for the past couple months and she wants a raise. (Pause) Now, I don’t mind that, I’m the one who taught her that you have to give head to get ahead, but she wants her raise now, and her performance review isn’t for another 4 months. What do I do? How long should she have to put out before she gets a raise?”

At this point, they’re probably curious if you’re serious or not. This is where you keep upping the ante with questions like the following:

”Would your answer change if I told you she was underage?”

”Would your answer change if I told you she was my sister?”

And so on.

Eventually they will get that your story is a joke. This is when you congratulate them on keeping up with you and having a sense of humor. Then you can say your secretary is really a fat 40 year old man called Bubba. Often, they’ll ask what you do; if they do, you’re already in the Attraction phase (Chapter 4).

This is a very advanced opener, and serves no purpose unless you already have very strong game. I invented it to keep myself from getting bored running the same openers again and again.

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