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Why Nice Guys Suck

NightVision - This is a great post by a frustrated woman. It basically sums up most of the things that are wrong with single guys out there. Most of us guys have fallen victim to the 'nice guy' syndrome in our lifes, and have lived the enlightened path to monk kingdom. Onward...

Facebook Status Update Cheat Sheet

NightVision - I have a Love/Hate relationship with Facebook.  I love how it helps me connect with friends and subscribers.  I hate the following....

World Top Pick Up Artists

NightVision - For a long time now, I've been involved in the community, dealing with different PUAs, AFCs, and companies in the industry.  I've met many of the top PUAs in the world, heard a lot of the rumours, and found the real facts.  I've wanted to create a top 10 list for a while, and a top 10 list with a difference. 

David X Interview

Leo T - Sasha interviewed David X asking a variety of questions such as what is the major thing holding students back in becoming successful in the pick up game...

Turn Her On With THESE 3 Simple Questions

NightVision - This report shows how you could turn her on using 3 simple questions...

Announcement: Love Systems Super Conference 2010

NightVision - It is that time of the year again. Love Systems is hosting the biggest dating conference in the industry: the Super Conference.  

Sinns Free Teleseminar

Sinn - How to (finally) be the confident, sexual man that you know you were meant to be...

Ageless Attraction Video

NightVision - My good friend, Adam Gilad, has put together the very first comprehensive Attraction and Dating System specifically designed for men in their 30's and beyond.

Pandora Box Webinar

NightVision - Last night, my good buddy Vin Dicarlo did a webinar on how to get really consistent results with women using a new method he's developed which he calls"Pandoras Box."s...

Read Her Mind In One Minute

NightVision - It's a page my buddy Vin DiCarlo put up and yeah, it's ugly, but it's what on the inside that counts... You see, he's got a brand-new book he's giving away 100% on the house. Yes its FREE for you to download the next few days...

3 Guys Walk Into Austin Bar

NightVision - Watch this, dude... Bill and I have a fun game we like to play when we go out.

Instant Attraction Video

NightVision - I swear that's why about 90% of interactions that *could* be good don't get off the ground.  It's those first three minutes, just making them flow smoothly and getting her attracted to you. 

Become Unbreakable

NightVision - One of the worst things that you can experience with a girl you like is the feeling that you're not in control. Like she could take it or leave it, but you're the one who's working for her and trying to prove yourself to her.

Free Natural Art of Seduction Book

NightVision - How to get your free copy of Richard La Ruina's Natural Art Of Seduction Book.

PUA Super Conference

NightVision - Nick Savoy is President and Program Leader of Love Systems (formerly Mystery Method Corp). We did a Q&A with the author of Magic Bullets to find out what the upcoming Super Conference is about.

Stealth Attraction

NightVision - My friend Rich La Ruina 'Gambler' just put together an fr-e-e report about how to game girls without triggering their automatic rejection mechanism.