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Facebook Status Update Cheat Sheet

Author: NightVision

I have a Love/Hate relationship with Facebook.  I love how it helps me connect with friends and subscribers.  I hate the following….

  1. Having to come up with funny or witty status updates when I’m not in the mood
  2. But I hate even MORE when other people pollute my Live Feed with boring-ass drivel that I could give two shits about!

I have a FREE cure for boring Facebook Updates Below.  You’re going to become the LIFE of Facebook overnight!

Facebook Status UpdateFirst of all do you realize how many beautiful single girls are on Facebook and other social media?  How the hell do you get their attention?

You have to stand out!  How do you stand out in social media?   GREAT UPDATES!

But what if you suck at being witty and charming all the time?

<<–Click the book to the left and your problem is solved.

And It’s FREE!

“58 High Value Status Updates for Facebook”


Here’s the Deal:

The author, my friend “Action Jackson” from the Matchbook Method is releasing a brand new program soon, about how to become a Facebook celebrity with girls and get the most high value women on social media.

THIS 20 page report will be a part of the full-paid program but he needs feedback on it so I agreed to send this to my loyal readers and see what they thought.

Download your Free report here:
“58 High Value Status Updates for Facebook”


Please Leave a comment below and tell me what you think of it.  I’ll make sure AJ is watching it too…Feedback is important and that’s the reason you’re getting this for Free….



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