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3 Men Walks Into Austin Bar...

Author: NightVision

"Watch this, dude... Bill and I have a fun game we like
to play when we go out"

"Okay, what's that?"  I asked.

"Basically, we like walking up to random women, usually when
there's a group of them, and *INTENTIONALLY* try to get them to
make us go away."

I laughed

So then he walks off and starts talking to a group of women,
obviously saying some of the most messed up stuff they've ever
heard by the shear *SHOCK* that was on their faces.

Needless to say, even though he *TRIED* to get them to make
him go away, somehow... they became curious and infatuated with

And when I looked at my watch 20 minutes later, he was still
talking to them, halfway keeping up the charade, halfway engaging
them on a deeper level.

This is how I finally met Christian Hudson when I was in Austin,

Sure, we've talked before

... but seeing someone in person walk up to a group of women
with blistering confidence and calmly but seriously rip off
the most perverted and cheesy lines you've ever heard *ON

... was a sight to see.

But does this make sense?

Yes, it does.

I've often said that it doesn't matter *WHAT* you say that
counts, it's how you confidently you say it.  And this was proof.

Of course, I had a sneaky feeling that he wasn't going to
get told to scram, or that the women were going to call security
on him.  After all, when you have a system of teaching men how
to have "Unbreakable Confidence" - you'd assume that he'd be
able to deliver in person.

And he did.

So here's the deal.  Christian is reopening his breakthrough course
on confidence and inner game NOW at


If this is an area of your life that you want to get handled,
I'd pick it up. And, at the ridiculous rate he's offering it at,
all the copies are surely going to be gobbled up very soon, so
don't wait.

Look, I witnessed with my own eyes how powerful this is
and not only that, Christian is a *GOOD DUDE*.

Fun, funny, confident, and solid.

You couldn't ask for a better person to teach you this.
And you can take that to the bank.


All the best,


p.s.  I haven't had a chance to look at how many copies of
      this system are available, but seriously, he's asking
      you to trade him "chump change" for access.  A bargain in my
      book for sure.
==> Go here to claim your copy before they are gone

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