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Taking The Power Back From Her And Being In Charge

Author: NightVision

One of the worst things that you can experience with a girl you like is the feeling that you're not in control.  Like she could take it or leave it, but you're the one who's working for her and trying to prove yourself to her.

It doesn't even matter how good your "attract" game is - if you don't have both the confidence and the techniques to flip the "chase" dynamic in your favor, then she's always gonna be the one who decides what happens, when - and if anything is gonna happen at all.

Every guy has been in this situation with a girl.  And my friend Christian Hudson finally decided to address it.

Unbreakable Video

He just put a video together where he shares a technique that you can use to immediately flip the power dynamic and get her chasing you.  It works when you first meet a woman, it works in text messages… it's just generally awesome.

Unbreakable Video

Christian has dated more 'perfect 10' girls than just about anyone I know, and started one of the biggest pickup companies in the world, so when he puts something out, it's something you don't want to miss.

I know you're gonna enjoy this one!






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