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Deep Rapport Stories

Author: Organic

The purpose of a deep rapport story is to build a deep emotional connection. It should be told slowly, quietly and with intensity of emotion. It is your chance to really open up to a woman and let her connect with you.

To find material for deep rapport stories, look for the points in your life that represent a paradigm shift. The big lessons, and the turning points where you changed for the better. If you have had turning points and lessons in your life, but no particular point in time where the lesson took place – decide to take a story that represents that lesson, and designate it as the point where the lesson took place. Make it a symbol for that lesson.

Here's a made up example of that point:

I learned a lesson about the importance of expressing emotion. I don't know where or when I learned that lesson. I also have a story about a time when I was able to really express something to my mom. It was an emotional event and I was able to really connect with her. So... It's ok for me to tell that story and assign that event as the moment when I learned that lesson. Get it?

Your stories should be rich with emotion. The idea is to take yourself into the emotions, and the woman will follow you there. When you tell the story, you should be able to go back to the time yourself and really connect with the emotions you felt at that time, and the emotions of the paradigm shift. What's important is that the story brings up emotions. If it is a inspiring story that brings up good feelings, that's ok, and if it's a sad story that brings up sad emotions that is fine too.

Bad topics:
organized religion
argumentative topics
logic/facts based stories

Good topics:
Points in your life where you came to a new understanding of
-the meaning/purpose of lifetime
-needing to take control of your life and your destiny
-unconditional love
-family/people relationships, etc..
-importance of living life to it's fullest,
-childhood stories (including pets, childhood friends, etc...)

These stories shoud be something that everyone can relate to.

Your homework is simply to find the material for a good story. In class, we will help develop the techniques of telling your story in a powerful and effective way.

Think back through your life and look for the emotional events. Find at least one story that you can really connect with.

Here's a quick example of a story from my life. This is not actually how I tell the story, but it is an example of the kind of material that you can use. I have a painting that I did of a professional skateboarder. I show the painting to women and then tell the story of why I painted it:

He grew up near me, and always lived near me. I never actually met him, but I knew all of his friends, and traveled in a lot of the same circles. It was strange, it was like he was a ghost that I never actually saw. One day, he died in a car accident. The painting is of him doing what he loved – skateboarding. And, to me the whole story represents the importance of doing what you love, going for it 100%, because you never know when the end will come. Etc.. etc...

You get the idea. It obviously has emotion. It is interesting. It's obviously meaningful to me. It has a paradigm shift. And, when I tell it, I can really get into the emotions.

Note: when actually telling the story, you don't want to spell out “the lesson of this story is X” The paradigm shift should be implied, and the listener of the story should actually go through the shift themselves as they listen.

Good luck.


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