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Phone Game

Phone Game discusses how you attract and seduce women over the phone.

How To Call A Woman

David DeAngelo - When you get a woman's number and you're picking up the phone to call and "ask her out", does it bother you?

How Long Should You Wait Once You've Got Her Number?

Vin DiCarlo - You can call her... text her... Nearly whenever you want! So when's the “right” time? When can you call her so that you don't seem too eager... But you don't play too much “hard to get”, either?

When To Call A Woman

Carlos Xuma - When do I call her? Experts say wait till 2 to 3 days then call, but what if you call and it went into voice mail. Shall I leave a message? Or call again later?

Zombie Game - How To Bring Them Back From The Dead

Adam Lyons - Over a period of 3 months of going out “gaming” its fair to assume you’re going to have a good solid collection of girls phone numbers for people who for whatever reason just didn’t go anywhere. All you have to do is BRING THEM BACK FROM THE DEAD!!!!

Phone Text Game Principles

Richard La Ruina - A big thing in game is getting the N-close. However, a lot of guys tell me that they’re not sure what to do next once they’ve got it! So I’ll break it down for you and explain the right ways to game once you’ve got that number.

Delete Those Flakes

Soul - You’re able to get into good, attractive conversations with girls. You’re even starting to get phone numbers consistently.

Why Women Flake On You

Soul - The purpose of this article is to help men minimize the odds of a woman flaking on them, and then to properly deal with it when the inevitable flakes do happen.

How To Talk To Women Over The Phone

Swinggcat - As I'm teaching you exactly how step-by-step to talk to women over the phone, I'll be alluding to an essential *key ingredient* for ATTRACTING women in general. SO KEEP YOUR EYES PEELED AS YOU READ ON.

Phone Guidelines

Wayne Elise Juggler - This will help some guys who have difficulties over the telephone. People with very different styles from mine may not consider this useful. But for most this should help.

Text Game Done Right

Richard La Ruina - I get asked about text game all the time recently.  I’ve got tons of stuff, but here are some basics that should tighten up your follow-up skills and get you more dates!

Phone Game Logistics

Harmless - I always do one of two things when I get a #, before I leave: 1) Tell her I'll call her tomorrow *to chat*. Ask when the best time to call is, when we can just talk for a while...

Phone Game

Tyler Durden - Over the course of the conversation, the topic of dating comes up. I ask, "What does it mean when you meet up with a guy, have a great time, maybe even kiss, but then when he calls you don't go out with him? Like you make up excuses and don't return his calls."

Text Messaging Tip For Picking Up Chicks

Derek Lamont - You’ll notice that if you ever text message a girl, they’ll almost ALWAYS text you back. It’s just an easy way to open a line of communication with girls you’ve just met.

Text Game Basics

Mr. M - Almost all of the psychological tools that are used in real life seduction can be used in Phone and Text Game (besides sex of course!). For example, attraction, comfort and even sexual escalation can be achieved by using your phone effectively.

Voice Disqualifier

Derek Lamont - For many men, this is the first step... but a lot of guys have no idea how to make the first conversation COMFORTABLE for the girl...

Phone Conversations

Tenmagnet - I get the impression that a lot of guys out there are doing decently well at getting phone numbers and building attraction, but are getting a lot of flaking after acquiring the phone number.

Phone Game And Investment

Braddock - Let’s see if you can identify yourself with this situation: You get a phone number from a girl but she will not respond to your text messages or phone calls. Sounds familiar?

Woman Does Not Call You Back

David DeAngelo - I'm going to talk about how to prevent this problem first, then tell you a few things you can do when you run into it again in the future as well.