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Sasha's Podcast

Stay tuned for Sasha's monthly interviews with dating gurus. Listen now or download as MP3!

Yad Interview - 12 January 2011

Leo T - Sasha interviews Yad, the bootcamp director and executive instructor  from

Alan Roger Currie (Mode One) Interview Part 2 - 18 October 2010

Leo T - Part 2 of Alan Roger Curries interview!

Alan Roger Currie (Mode One) Interview - 01 October 2010

Leo T - Sasha interviews Alan Roger Currie the author of Mode One. Alan's style is to let women know exactly what he's thinking, this is as direct game as you can get! I'm sure you'll like this podcast...

Marcus Oakey Interview - 21 May 2010

Leo T - Sasha interviews Marcus Oakey who explains how to become great at conversations...and explores the mindset of a charismatic man...

David X Interview - 13 April 2010

Leo T - Sasha interviewed David X asking a variety of questions such as what is the major thing holding students back in becoming successful in the pick up game...