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Part 2 of Sasha's direct game interview with Alan Roger Currie the author of Mode One. If you've not listened to part 1, check it out here.

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Alan will be speaking at the direct dating summit held in London in November, reserve your seat now!

Please leave your comments for Sasha and Alan below! They'll be reading the comments here.

Leo T

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Ya know that was a GREAT podcast....i just ordered the book Mode One...I've always felt the direct approach with some common social sense was the best one, but frankly always used the manipulative apporach, which bite me in the ass later. THanks!
Quote John's commment
John at 02:54PM, Oct 19th 2010.
What's funny, is as a black man, I was taught this since I was a teenager, and direct method comes naturally to me, but it doesn't make it any easier. I usually miss a heartbeat or 2 when I tell a girl to come back to my room, but it does work, it's suprising... I still play indirect, usually with chicks I don't care about either way, just because it's usually more entertaining. The direct method works, but after you have as much sex as I've had it just get's boring, after a bunch of menage a'trois, and trains...

I go indirect because it's fun! I don't get played because I know better lol!
Quote Demetrius's commment
Demetrius at 10:01AM, Oct 21st 2010.
gamma (mexico)
unFuckingReal! you sasha made the right questions! i cannot believe this shit!!

There's so much honesty and transparency on this podcast
Damn! hope you guys to come down to mex!
Quote gamma (mexico)'s commment
gamma (mexico) at 07:13PM, Oct 21st 2010.
HAIL SASHA! thank u and alan, you gave me new perspective to believe again !
Quote MODEWAN's commment
MODEWAN at 09:00AM, Oct 25th 2010.
Hey guys - Glad you liked the podcast. Yea I really thought it was one of the BEST I've ever done... I learned so much valuable shit it's ridiculous. Alan is a real minefield of amazing knowledge!

Haha@Demetrius ....... Shit man..... sounds like you're doing alright bro! What kind of direct stuff do you do as a "natural?" ... I'd love to hear about it! Yea it's true, I guess if you know the game, you can be indirect and not get played. But, for guys that are nearer the beginner of intermediate level - Direct can work really great!

Hey John - happy to hear you're getting a copy of Mode one. It's a phenomenal book man. I have a feeling you're going to enjoy it - more than once! (Just like a good woman!) :p hehe

Thanks for the comments guys and see you for the next one!!

Quote Sasha's commment
Sasha at 09:32PM, Nov 4th 2010.
@Demetrius, I want to ask you some questions about your experiences with Mode One. kevfranks1 at yahoo
Quote Kevin's commment
Kevin at 02:26PM, Nov 10th 2010.
sasha youre a great interviewer, im downloading part2 right now but really enjoyed part1 of you asking the right questions and alan being honest and direct about his field .. i've also heard your davidx interview a while back... was great to hear you bust his chops with impatient attitude as he's been sounding like a broken record in most interviews and trying to disclose as little as possible, other then his sales pitch with bragging stories, its good to have someone like you being genuine to finding and sharing the truth ...
Quote SantaMonica16thstreetStarbucks's commment
SantaMonica16thstreetStarbucks at 08:00PM, Jan 14th 2011.
Dude, this shit is totally revolutionary. I'm so glad I'm getting this now before it hits mainstream. Whoo! Go Allen and Sasha!
Quote Thinh's commment
Thinh at 10:45PM, Mar 13th 2011.
Henry L
Nothing but love and respect Alan Roger Currie.
Quote Henry L's commment
Henry L at 07:35AM, Apr 13th 2011.
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