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Sasha interviews Alan Roger Currie the author of Mode One. Alan's style is to let women know exactly what he's thinking, this is as direct game as you can get! I'm sure you'll like this podcast.

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Alan will be speaking at the direct dating summit held in London in November, reserve your seat now!

Please leave your comments for Sasha and Alan below! They'll be reading the comments here.

Update: Listen to Part 2 of the interview here.

Leo T

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I like how direct you are

Quote mid's commment
mid at 09:47AM, Oct 5th 2010.
Loved it!!! Well worth a listen no matter what level you're at!
Quote carter's commment
carter at 08:53AM, Oct 7th 2010.
Hi sasha can I get the full interview plz? you can send it/link to my email address.

Keep it up guys! Moooooooooooooooooooooode one
Quote MetalH's commment
MetalH at 02:30PM, Oct 9th 2010.
Nice, straight to the point, no BS.
Quote Lookingstraight's commment
Lookingstraight at 03:19PM, Oct 19th 2010.
PS. Sasha, what you say is SO right about british guys, they're mostly AFC Drunks. There are a few exceptions (Me being one) but so many times guys just get hammered and try to talk to chicks, that's a good thing though, cause when you do an approach... Well, you know the score.

Southampton UK
Quote Lookingstraight's commment
Lookingstraight at 03:33PM, Oct 19th 2010.
absolutely brilliant. ask for the sale.
Quote snogroove's commment
snogroove at 01:43AM, Nov 3rd 2010.
Spiro Giro
...yeah, but what do these 'Mode One' women look like?!!

Also, you try applying 'Mode One' on an Internet Dating site... crash and burn......

Quote Spiro Giro's commment
Spiro Giro at 10:15AM, Nov 11th 2010.
of course thugs are mode one. if you think you will be dead tomorrow, how will you act today? carpe diem mofo.
Quote dangerous's commment
dangerous at 05:56AM, Nov 18th 2010.
I see girl vegina now.
Quote tuntun9's commment
tuntun9 at 08:39AM, Nov 22nd 2010.
Very nice. Thanks alot! Fred
Quote Fred's commment
Fred at 05:17PM, Dec 6th 2010.
Neil Ward
haha... hilarious as usual Alan and Sasha. Good stuff and great advice.

The London Dating Coach
Quote Neil Ward's commment
Neil Ward at 07:18AM, Dec 20th 2010.
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Average Rating: 4.20 [Total Votes: 10]
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