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In this interview, Sasha interviews one of the greats - David X!  For those who haven't heard - Sasha has worked as stand up for most of his life, and was Mystery's first wingman back in the late 90's.  He's a real character, and a whole heap of fun to be around. The exciting part is: Sasha will now be doing monthly interviews for Seduction Tuition! Looks like you guys in for a ride!   You can find out more about Sasha here. I'm sure you'll find this first interview highly entertaining, and value packed. Sit back and enjoy!

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The above was the edited version, we left the unedited version below for laughs. Heres a preview:

Sasha: Listen I think its funny if we could do the whole thing while you're taking a shit and every once in a while, you go UURRRRRRRRRH and then we'll just keep chatting and it'll be cool.

David X: ...

Sasha: I think he's wiping his bum, David X is wiping his bum!

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Alright guys, please leave your comments for Sasha and David X below!  They'll be reading the comments here. Also let us know who you'd like us to consider interviewing next!

Leo T

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haha....funny at times, makes a good change to these guru interviews.
Quote boka's commment
boka at 07:51AM, Apr 13th 2010.
HAHA awesome interview, loved the energy. David X has shares some great stories and the interviewer is quite funny. Keep em coming!
Quote Random's commment
Random at 11:15PM, Apr 13th 2010.
Seems to be a bit on and off. Didnt work the first couple of times but I got it down now, thanks.

I'd be interested to hear more about Mode One. And also from women (who have their stuff together) who can give a better insight in the female psyche - what they REALLY respond to and am yearning for.
Quote LP's commment
LP at 05:58AM, Apr 14th 2010.
give some tips tp improve my body posture and walking which are awkward due to which i always lack in confidence.my am also lack in bodyweight.so i am always low confident guy.help me overcome.
Quote rishabh's commment
rishabh at 04:37AM, Apr 19th 2010.
haha, Sasha is allways funny!... great interview... great coach!.... David x is sik 2!
Quote Hiren's commment
Hiren at 07:47AM, Apr 20th 2010.
Jack Black
It is easier than "Abrakadabra" - there you go! :-D

Wow, that was great, Sash. Thanks for it. It is awesome to listen to a man who has simply managed to enjoy his life. You get both that David is not only a heavy smoker, but also truly genuine!! :-D All the time you believe that this can neither be nor work. As you summarize it, it is hardly imaginable that these guys and we share the same planet, but it is good to know though...

Although I know that David would not like hearing it, he IS a nature. I again realized that it probably helps to get laid by a naughty minx at the age of 13... :-D I agree with him that there is the fear that she "has all the power, everything is up to her" - I think this is a relict that has remained from puberty where you made your personal luck entirely dependent on desperately getting some attention from some good-looking, immature girls.

With respect to being honest to a girl, I wondered whether David's rules apply in every situation. For instance, if a woman asks David in a romantic night on a bank: "What do you really want to do with me?", he might say "I want to make love with you" (if not rather "I wanna fuck your brains out"). If she is not into it, she will tell to all her friends that I wanna fuck her and how ridiculous that is. Therefore, I think David's approach is so direct and risky that you can only do it with a woman that knows none of your friends. Furthermore, for this reason I agree that it is key that "she will not respect you, if you do not respect yourself!"

Last but not least, you prepared very good questions. My favourite LOL scenes were "How much pussy would you be getting, if you were good-looking?" and David's reactions; the story about saying "goodbye" to the ugly girl who gave him such a hard game... and when he mentioned "as long as the nicest thing they can say to me is owowowowowo, I do not care about anything" LOOLL

Very cool!
Quote Jack Black's commment
Jack Black at 07:02PM, Apr 25th 2010.
Hey guys, thanks for the comments ;)

I'm happy that you enjoyed it! Yea, I really want to get away from the typical boring ass interviews. I want to have some fun talking to these guys!!

Yea I'd love to chat with Roger Allan Currie from mode One. I'll see what I can do about that ;)

Hmm, You may get more out of some sort of visual program to work on your body language... I'm not sure a podcast is the right medium for it! Check around man, there's plenty of stuff out there for that!

See you at the next one guys... I'll be interviewing a fellow called Marcus - who many people refer to as "Mr Charisma!" He's one of the (if not THE) most spontaneous and charming devil I know... it will be an interview not to be missed!!

Quote Sasha's commment
Sasha at 09:44PM, Apr 26th 2010.
looking forward to the next interview
Quote manic's commment
manic at 03:34PM, May 8th 2010.
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