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Relationship discusses the concepts behind maintaining and spicing up your relationships with women.  This topic is especially important for those whose goals are to have a long term relationship rather than a just short fling.

Can I Escape The Friends Zone?

Average Rating: 5.00 [Total Votes: 4]

Vin DiCarlo - So do you have a woman “friend” you'd like to be more intimate with?

Being Single Is Just As Good

Average Rating: 4.33 [Total Votes: 6]

Carlos Xuma - Don't be in such a hurry to get into a relationship, guys. I just read an article on, relating a survey that tracked 24,000 people and showed that marriage does NOT make you more happy. (Gee, we needed a survey for this?)

Should You Be Jealous Of Her Male Friends?

Average Rating: 4.00 [Total Votes: 2]

Vin DiCarlo - In this article, you're gonna learn the difference between guys who are trying to “move in” on your woman, and her “guy friends” who aren't a sexual threat – at all.

Get Over Ex Girlfriend

Average Rating: 4.50 [Total Votes: 4]

Carlos Xuma - Recently, I have been coaching men in how to get over an ex girlfriend.

How To Keep Your Girlfriend LOCKED DOWN

Average Rating: 5.00 [Total Votes: 2]

Vin DiCarlo - since I've had relationships with the same few women for over 7 years now – even while I've been dating other women who have come and gone – I may be able to help you out...

I Don't Want A Relationship Right Now

Tenmagnet - It's amazing how many guys are convinced that women ALL want big serious relationships, and that they need to deal with that like it's a problem.

Quality Vs Quantity In Love Sex & Relationships

Average Rating: 5 [Total Votes: 1]

Soul - It’s important to realise that as you grow and learn more about women, your goals will change.

How To Make Her Your Girlfriend

Average Rating: 4.19 [Total Votes: 21]

Savoy - How do you make a woman into your girlfriend? While I can't solve this issue in one article, I'll give the best starting point that I can for it.

How To Get A Girlfriend Tips

Average Rating: 4.00 [Total Votes: 5]

Carlos Xuma - I was standing up there in front of a crowd of eager guys presenting a seminar on how to attract women and how to get a girlfriend, and a strange urge overtook me...

Investment Equalibrium

Average Rating: 5 [Total Votes: 1]

Soul - Ok player, so you got game and you know how to pick up a chick. What are your relationship skills like?...

Inspire Others To Be Better (Including Girlfriends)

Average Rating: 5 [Total Votes: 1]

Soul - There are two things that high value people do that are critical to establishing good relationships in their lives...

A Wonderful Idea To Spice Up Your Existing Relationships

Average Rating: 4.33 [Total Votes: 9]

Giuseppe Notte - There is a cool little game for spicing up your long-term or fuck-buddy relationships.

Handling Last Relationship Question

Average Rating: 3.00 [Total Votes: 2]

Carlos Xuma - "Tell me about your last relationship..." Those six words can strike fear into the heart of just about any man. The truth is that women LOVE to ask this question, and men HATE to answer it.

Top Ten Summer Dates

Average Rating: 4.67 [Total Votes: 3]

David Wygant - Now that it’s summer time, it’s time to get out of the house and get creative when planning a date with a woman. Enough with sitting at dinner watching each other chew, while exchanging resumes during a three course meal!

Self Esteem

Average Rating: 4.88 [Total Votes: 31]

David Shade - After my nine year marriage ended in 1992, I was determined to find out what I had done wrong. Why did my marriage fail? I read every book about relationships that there was. I went to a counselor. I talked to hundreds of recently divorced women...

Got A Girlfriend? Heres How Not To Screw It Up

Average Rating: 4.49 [Total Votes: 27]

John Alexander - Having a girlfriend can be a dangerous thing. We become too dependent on our woman for our happiness, and then if we get dumped, we find that we've all of a sudden lost our confidence. This results in being without sex for many months, until we finally get a girlfriend again, and... the cycle repeats.

Becoming Her Drug

Average Rating: 4.33 [Total Votes: 21]

IN10SE - Here's my disclaimer - I don't advocate any of these to be used by anyone who wants a healthy and happy relationship - but these are the tactics that "jerks" use so it's always good to be familiar with these.

Cat String Theory

Average Rating: 4.00 [Total Votes: 15]

Mystery - Cats don’t take orders, but they can be tempted to chase. If you tie a feather to the end of a string, and use it properly, you can get a cat to perform acrobatics...

Intention Maps

Average Rating: 5.00 [Total Votes: 14]

Dimitri - How come some men never stay single for more than three weeks? How come some men can't get anything more than a one night stand to save their life?

What Kind Of Gifts To Give Women

Carlos Xuma - From time to time I get questions from guys - usually around a holiday or birthday - about what to give women for gifts.

The Nice Guy and Halo Effect

Average Rating: 4.33 [Total Votes: 3]

Michael W - So I happened to have seen this movie that REMINDED me just how INSANELY tough it must be to be a guy who is living WITHOUT knowing the full deal about attraction, about women, and about the way our emotions work.

Why Do Women Break Up With Men

Average Rating: 4.50 [Total Votes: 2]

Carlos Xuma - When I first started dating, I had good luck in finding women, but lousy luck in keeping them.