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NLP attempts to model the human experience and then create and apply techniques based on these models.  NLP explores how people think, identifying successful or limiting patterns and then either modelling them for use by others or changing them. 

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target="_blank">How to Pick Up Women
Tired of being alone on Saturday night? Visit and learn all the tricks and techniques to picking up, attracting, and seducing beautiful women.

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Texting A Girl

Make A Girl Laugh

How To Talk To A Girl
A resource site teaching you how to approach a girl including how to talk to a girl.

Building Self Esteem



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How To Attract Women
The Wing Girl Method was developed to provide men with that missing piece of information that they will never have access too, a female perspective.  Having a deeper understanding of the opposite sex decreases fear, eliminates confusion and builds social confidence to attract women. The Wing Girl Method reveals secrets about women that only a woman would know, so you can make a success in dating women.

Copy Paste and Bang!
A guide to meeting women online and getting laid by Beaver Phillips

God is a Woman: Dating Disaters (Book)
The humorous sexual misadventures of a touring comedian and what he learned.

target="_blank">Pick Up Artist Forum
A forum for pick up artists and also for you to find a wing.

target="_blank">The Pickup Portal
The Pickup Artists portal to the best of the seduction community.

Mike Pilinski's High Status Male
The High Status Male is all about helping men who have been cursed with social or romantic anxiety to overcome their deepest shame-based fears and find love and acceptance.

target="_blank">How To Become An Alpha Man
A free resource about how to attract women, pick up tips and information on how to become the Alpha Male you always wanted to be. Having alpha male characteristics means you could be approaching beautiful women with ease

Dennis Miedema's Simple Inner Game System
How to quickly build your inner game with a simple inner game system that gets dates for you.

Dennis Miedema's Online Mentorship Program

What really moves women to respond positively to your online dating message? Most men readily admit they don't know the answer. If that's you, now you can discover what women really want, enabling you to jump to the head of the pack in the dating race...

Some children are gifted in mathematics and music, Cory’s gift is his ability to naturally attract and relate to women. A few years ago Cory was approached by an observer in a nightclub who noticed his amazing ability with women and asked if he could teach him his skill. Cory accepted this as a personal challenge and spent the next few years in self reflection and working with students to discover how he could share his ability with others.


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The Web's Dating Guide

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A free UK dating advice and information portal.

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Pick Up Women By Becoming a Player