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Boyfriend Destroyer Strategy

Author: Richard La Ruina

First I want to say that I am sorry for not posting anything in such a long time. I was long thinking about publishing this post because it is somehow evil. It gives you an overview over the tools to attract a person that is in a relationship and to somehow manipulate her to be turned her away from her boyfriend. I don’t know if you guys are religious, but I think that you should at least not mess with an instance that is way higher then you. Therefore I am writing this post because I want you to see what other people might try to destroy your relationship by getting your girl. This post is therefore designed to make you realise that especially a long relationship is not a guarantee for an everlasting relationship. I don’t want to encourage you to actually use this strategy as I said I it is evil in my eyes. I have done it and it worked over and over again but after a couple years I have realised that it is more important to know about this kind of strategy and to prevent it from happening once you have the girl that you really love.

This strategy is for boyfriends who don’t want their women to get slowly seduced by another guy out of their own arms. However I am writing it as if you would be the guy how wants to seduce another girl, because that is the position that I know best.

If you for example already know the woman for a while or you know that you would not be able to pick her up in just one night and you know that you want her as your girlfriend. If you just want to have fun for a couple nights, then Gambler’s, Mystery’s and Ross’s Methods definitely work better.

I always found that girls that are in a relationship are actually easier to get then girls that are not. The longer the relationship has been the easier it is. Most guys probably think the opposite. Thus I will explain you why that is.
A girl that has been in a relationship for let’s say two years is definitely missing something. If she is not then we need to demonstrate her that she is. Especially girls between 17 and 26 have a intuitive drive to experience something, some more some less, but everybody has this drive build in by mother nature. It is also a fact that most guys don’t care about their girl after two years as much anymore as at the beginning. They might argue a bit more, sex is almost a routine, kisses get shorter and less after a couple months and the attention they give her is not as high as it used to be.

But we all know that girls need attention. Guys are kind of retiring after a couple years and think that they have the girl for sure because she is constantly bagging him for more kisses, love and attention. Thus this is exactly our chance. This is where we attack. This is where we win her over!

Once you got the girl to go out with you, to spend a day with you or something else the first step is to:

1.       Study her boyfriend
What does he do? How old is he? How long has their relationship been going on for?  Ask her simple superficial questions first, later on try to get her to tell you about their relationship. The goal is to find out if there are any weaknesses. Do they go out a lot? Is he taking her on vacations? Is he just lying on the sofa when he gets home? Are they doing a lot with their friends? Is he creative? Those questions need to come out naturally though, don’t bomb her with exactly those questions; these are just the questions that you want to have answered for yourself. By asking her a couple questions she might even tell you her complains and that is exactly where we want to have her.

2.       Demonstrate value
From now on his weaknesses needs to be your strength. If she tells you that they are usually at home watching movies, then that is exactly what you will not do! You will take her out, take her to a lake rent a canoe or take her to nice places that you know. Just make sure that she hasn’t been there with him yet. Otherwise it will just remind her of good old times with her boyfriend. She will feel like betraying him by coming there with you and she will block. Hence it has to be a place where she hasn’t been. It also always looks good if you make it look like it is spontaneous, like you just had a great idea. Maybe don’t even tell her yet were you will go. If you think about it, in a long relationship everything is usually planed, she knows how much time he has, she knows the places that he knows and there are no real surprises anymore. Therefore surprise her! Make her laugh! Make her enjoy the day like no other day! If he is more the quite guy, then be crazy! Be the opposite. Make her realise that she is missing out. Be a gentleman, be all the things that he has forgotten, fight for her! Her boyfriend is not fighting for her anymore, he is probably not opening every door for her, because he thinks he is on the save site.

Show her that there is a lot more to do in the world then watching movies. She needs to have the feeling that she is missing out when she is spending time with him and not with you. Make her realise that live can be so much more exiting, funny and spontaneous and interesting with you.

3.       Don’t talk about him unless she brings it up
After you have studied her boyfriend in the first part, don’t ever mention him again. You don’t want her to think about him, in fact you want her to forget him, to just enjoy her time. If she brings him up, listen to her, but don’t let it turn into a big discussion. Just listen and agree with her. She will project all the things that he is not into you by complaining to you about him and by you agreeing with her. Just say every once in awhile things like: “Hmm, I can’t understand that”, “That is wired”, “Why would he do that?”

4.       Spend time with her
This is actually the most difficult and crucial part because here you have to take care that you don’t turn into her best friend that she can do nice things with and then she goes home and gets the sex from her boyfriend. The goal is to make her as comfortable around you as possible and to make her fall in love with you. The trick is to do that without her even recognising it. I mean, if you think about it, what is the difference between a good friend and a boyfriend? It pretty much just comes down to the physical part. Hence, touch her gently every once in a while. If you walk next to her make your hand touch hers for half a second, when you sit in front of her, put her hair back, make her gentle compliments like: “Your hair is beautiful”, “I love you fingers.” You can learn a lot of those things from the PUAs posting on this site. – make her attracted to you.

This case is a bit different from a seduction in a bar though in a bar you need to win her attention here you already have it, you are already somewhat between a friend and a boyfriend hence compliments from you are like from some random guy at a pub.

When you drop her off tell her nice things like: “It was wonderful with you, as always”- big smile-  If she tells you this then reply “Well it was you who made it wonderful, I was just the driver.” Or tell her when she just got out of the car: “Hey! You can call me … anytime you want.”

Again, this might sound a bit cheesy and some PUAs might disagree with me here because you could say that you are running after her a bit, well in this case you are not. You want to win her over by being at the right time in the right place.

5.       Wait for the right time
Don’t make a move when she is happy with her boyfriend right now, wait for a day when she is annoyed by him, they had an argument or she is just pissed because of something he did. This will lower the chance to be rejected dramatically. She will not run off with you when she just got fifty roses from him that day. If you have done the fourth step right she might even call you when she wants to talk to you or when she is annoyed by him.

Try the ideas to get a kiss close from this site to actually kiss her.

Don’t be shocked if she doesn’t kiss you back. I will write you in the next couple of posts what to do in this case or what do so that this doesn’t turn out into a onetime thing that she regrets.

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Richard La Ruina aka Gambler

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