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Guide To Creating Attraction

Author: Richard La Ruina

Here is my guide to creating attraction. There is a bunch of other stuff that I do that I am trying to quantify and break down, this is a good start though. You’ll have to wait….

Creating attraction

There are numerous ways in which you can create attraction. The following are some of the best, most powerful ways :

Method one

Conversational jujitsu. Using this method you pretend not to hear what she is saying and misinterpret it in a sexual way, as in the following example:

PUA : Hey can you tell me where the nearest hairdressers is?
Her : Oh yeah, it’s just up there, turn left at the bank.
PUA : OK , just up there…PAUSE..Did you say you wanted to watch me wank? I’ve only just met you, my god you are forward…

This is a rather extreme, however it’s useful because it illustrates the technique. Using this kind of sexual misinterpretation is great because:

(i) You can use it at ANY point in the conversation e.g after opening, rapport stage etc etc.
(ii) It shows great confidence, and if delivered correctly is very funny – 2 ideal ingredients you want to demonstrate to a girl.
(iii) It immediately cuts through the bullshit and sets the tone of the conversation as sexual. Remember, a degree of sexual tension is a MUST in interacting with girls. We all have boring, anodyne conversations all day long: this is different and makes you stand out.
(iv) It shows you are sexually confident and direct. Again this is unusual and attractive.

Ask as many attractive women as you can if they would appreciate being approached by an attractive guy who is direct and humourous. This technique is a way of creating sexual tension and quickly changing the nature of the interaction and getting you talking as a man and woman who may be interested in sex. Use it sparingly as overuse will reduce it’s effectiveness. It’s difficult to put an exact figure on how many times you should do this but in a 3 minute number close in the daytime, once should be enough. Try and use it directly after the opener as it’s a great way of flipping the attraction switches.

Another conversational method is to use ANY hook to turn the conversation onto a sexual / dating plane. You can use literally ANYTHING to do this, as with the example below:

PUA : So where you from?
HB : I’m from Latvia
PUA : Latvia – oh yeah, cool. I heard about that place…I read an article about it actually. Yeah, it said that the girls from Latvia are all super hot…(IRONICALLY) – I couldn’t comment , of course…PAUSE…And it also said they all seem to have a special interest in (describe yourself) e.g 5”6 guys who wear brown courdroy pants and pink socks and matching pink underwear. PAUSE…How strange. Are you aware of this phenomenon? Your lucky day eh?

Again, use this sparingly as you do not want to appear to be a clown by using too much humour. This method is best used shortly after the opener.

Method two

Prolonged eye contact. This technique is most useful throughout the pickup. Generally you should aim to keep eye contact as long as possible but NOT IN A THREATING WAY! When in conversation with a girl, try and hold her eyes and smile at appropriate points. Don’t stare! You know you’re staring if she starts to say “what…” and appears to think something is wrong with her.

When holding eye contact, you can create attraction spikes by thinking of her in a sexual way and appreciating her beauty. However, be careful NOT to appear sleazy, as there is a world of difference between a sexual man and a sleazy one. A sexual man has an honest appreciation for beauty and gets pleasure from it, whereas a sleazy guy has a running porno video in his mind and views women as a sex object. To practice this skill, try to keep holding eye contact in every interaction with a woman. Don’t look away and notice their reactions. If they appear uncomfortable, keep practicing and try to smile more, in a genuine and sexually interested way. As you practice this, you can let her in on the fact that you find her attractive and play with fake coyness, women can and WILL pick up on this and it becomes a sort of game, as every comment you make can become pregnant with sexual undertones. To practice this, try and focus on something that you find physically attractive about her and gain pleasure from it and SHOW IT to the girl. Use the powerful statements in method five to enhance the effect.

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