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How To Attract, Seduce, & Pick Up Women By Pick Up Artists PUAs

Page Two - Guide To Creating Attraction

Author: Richard La Ruina

Method three

Pregnant pauses and sexual innuendo When you’re confident, showing prolonged eye contact and using sexual humour, you can also use pauses and sexual innuendo. These techniques can be applied at any point during the pickup. Here is an example, this is an actual transcript taken from a 2 minute number close, which lead to an f close on a day 2.

PUA : You look just like the cat that got the cream…(PAUSE, looking at her in smiling way, but with sexual intent)…See any interesting guys in here (INNUENDO)
HB : Not really, it’s a bad night..Except you (attraction gained within 2 seconds)
PUA : (Ironic smile) – I see..You’re very forward arne’t you? (Get closer). A bit of a naughty girl infact (Sexual humour). Do you know what happens to naughty girls (Innuendo)
HB : I couldn’t guess (fake innocence)
PUA : (Grabbing her bum). They get their arses smacked, of course. But you’d like that (sexual humour)
PUA : Where you from??

In the above example we have all of the techniques being used simultaneously, which allowed me to get a solid number close and arrange to meet her for a day 2. It was necessary to build up some comfort on text in order to solidify a day 2 but using these techniques you can get solid numbers very quickly as very very few guys out there are making this kind of impression so quickly.

Method four

Raise your standards. As a general principle, whenever you’re in conversation with a girl, you need to keep 1 principle in mind: know your standards and stick to them. Write them down if you have to!

What do you want in a girl? What qualities are an absolute MUST (try to be more specific than 32DD breasts!). When you’re talking, is she displaying qualities that you don’t like? Has she said something that on some level pisses you off? Then SHOW IT!! This sounds obvious but it’s surprising how many guys will try to hide their distaste in the hopes of getting into a girls knickers.

In truth the opposite is true: if you show you’re a man with standards and will call her on shoddy behaviour, then you’re much more likely to gain attraction.

Here is the key: it’s how you show disdain that matters. DON’T get into a prolonged logical debate about her behaviour or what she has said. Use your body and a quick word to convey distaste. Turn away from her a little if she genuinely pisses you off. It’s not necessary to tell her off, just say “I see” as you backturn, or even “that’s a little weird”…Then fall silent. You’ll find that if she’s attracted, she’ll claw at you and try to explain her position or apologise. This is a great opportunity to be won over (if you agree with what she’s saying) and gain control of the frame.

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