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Page Three - Guide To Creating Attraction

Author: Richard La Ruina

Method five

Tell her what you want / shock tactics.This technique is very powerful, and can literally transform the dynamic of an interaction with 1 clear sentence. It sends a very direct signal to her that you are interested and that you want her; delivered at the right time it’s a devastating technique and can instantly transform an interaction and set the tone to whatever you want. When in a conversation, you can bust out these kind of powerful statements but they have to be used at the right time. Use the conversational pauses, look directly at her and then deliver the statements. You can start off with the tamer ones and move up the ladder to the more powerful ones:

(i) When was the last time you got really drunk? (Gets rapport and sets tone for day 2 meeting, gets personal)
(ii) Those earrings (or X Y Z adornment) really say a lot about you (playful and slightly ironic)…What do they say?? Curious arnet you..They tell me that (go into cold read). (Gets personal, instant DHV and shows you are paying attention, creates attraction, sets dating / sexual frame)
(iii) There’s something about a girl like you that’s very sexy. I think it’s….the combination of x quality and y quality. We’d be good together, imagine what our kids would look like (humourous) As long as they got my looks, it would be cool anyway (Immediatley sets tone for dating frame, gets her thinking of you in a bf / gf way, funny)
(iv) This is getting boring – when was the last time you got fucked properly? (WHAM!! Very powerful, can be used to create massive sexual tension, gets her thinking of sex WITH YOU, in a very powerful direct way)

You have to consider the effect that you want to achieve in order to evaluate the best time to use these statements. In the above four examples, you might use (iii) immediately after receiving an IOI, whilst invading her personal space. You might use (iv) on a day 2, in a natural pause in the conversation, after sexual tension has been created but before you have kissed. Especially effective if you are talking about boring subjects that neither of you are interested in, as conversation fillers, especially if she is the nervous type. You must use your judgement about when to use these statements. You can practice by writing out some simple, declarative, powerful statements that you want to achieve a particular effect, then bringing them out at particular points in the interaction.

Method six

Invasion of personal space. Traditional social dynamics literature will tell you that respecting another persons personal space is very important to avoid conflict and create rapport. This is mostly true, however in pickup, flaunting this “rule” can be extremely effective in creating attraction. The main reasons why this works as a technique are

(i) You show that you have the sexual confidence to escalate. Most guys are afraid of screwing this up and losing the girl, and women can sense this. If you are different, in that you invade their personal space in a dominant and congruent way, it shows that you are not like most men and have more sexual confidence. Displays like this send a very clear signal to her that you are the kind of man that can take her to bed and show her a good time, something that is lacking in most men. It shows you are an alpha male and that when you see something you like, you go for it.

(ii) It shows that you are investing in the interaction and are not afraid to put your balls on the line.

Again, you are not behaving in a wishy washy way and are clearly telegraphing your interest to the girl in a direct and powerful way. Ironically, you are less likely to receive a negative reaction if you act in this way than if you pussyfoot around and are scared to screw up or scare her away. So how do you do it? Firstly, when talking, use the techniques above. When you get one IOI, move straight in. Get closer to her. Kino lightly, start off by putting your hand on her arm and whisper in her ear. Immediately drop any cocky techniques and get serious with her, by delivering a powerful statement about how you like her..

"In all seriousness, we’re messing around but…I gotta say I like you because of X Y Z quality (pick out a quality that’s unique to her – DON’T JUST SAY NICE TITS. Try and think of something unique). Now you’re having a real interaction! Sexual interest is there, it’s established, you’re on. Now it’s time to focus on building and escalating to an f close, this will be covered in later chapters. Or, you can get a number close and if you reach this point, you can be 90% sure the number will not flake if you use the techniques as directed.

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Richard La Ruina

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