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Make The Right Impression

Author: Richard La Ruina

The process of seducing a woman will begin before you’ve even exchanged words. Women will size up members of the opposite sex in the vicinity by subtler means than men and so can make a judgement about you without you even knowing if they know you exist!

So it’s vital to make a good first impression:

1. Look Like You’re Enjoying Yourself

Most men do themselves no favours when at a bar or club looking to meet a woman (or women). They will stand at the bar, shoulder to shoulder with friends, blatantly checking out the womenfolk, occasionally making the odd comment to each other about the girl with the great rack that just walked on by. They rarely look as if they’re enjoying each others company- so how could any woman enjoy their company? When you see people having a good time you naturally want to be in on the fun - they appear friendlier, safer and generally nicer. Fake it ‘til you make it if you really must. Look happy to be there and try to convey a higher level of energy than those around you by employing animated body language, smiling and responding with exaggerated reactions when talking to people.

2. Do Not Leer At Girls

Avoid standing in military order with friends and instead face each other and if you must, subtly check out the talent over each others shoulders. This is what women do! Learn from them…

3. Be The Fun, Sociable Guy

If a girl has already seen you looking like a sourpuss and you proceed to later approach her with a great big grin on your face it will appear forced and fake. If you are chatting to the bar staff, other guys, having fun with friends and generally being sociable then when you do go to talk to her, she will be much more receptive to your advances because you have already demonstrated that you are a fun, sociable person who acts like this all the time and that your natural character is that of a cool person who likes to meet people.

4. Don’t Blend In

The rule of thumb, as repeated many a time, is that your clothes should at least be comment worthy. If a girl is at a loss even when trying to compliment your jeans, shirt, shoes or jacket then it means your outfit is either ugly or generic. You need not go as far as donning furry top hats to trendy bars but show you have some personality and aren’t just another face in the crowd by what you wear. If you are on a budget then prioritise getting a quality pair of shoes or jacket.

5. Pamper Yourself

Women are incredibly adept at noticing even the smallest of details. Clean your nails, iron your shirts, wash and condition your hair and trim unsightly excess nasal hair… little things can completely turn women off!

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Richard La Ruina

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