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Natural Game Vs Routine Based - Gamblers Take

Author: Richard La Ruina

I have never directly commented on this arguement - is it better to develop a script and go out and use it to pull women, or is it better to try and be natural?
On our bootcamps, we take the view that it is easier to get started and build confidence if you have some material to fall back on, and that is why we teach some.

Personally I used canned material and routines to begin with and it took a few months to completely leave them behind.

Assuming someone is a PUA or MPUA, why would they still use routines? Here are my problems with routine based game:

1. The woman is being attracted to a fake you, do you want someone to be attrracted, like, or love you for who you are or not?

2. Men that have choice and skills with women do not need to lie, cheat, steal, manipulate, or trick a woman into bed. Fake DHV stories, openers, kiss-close techniques, etc are all fakery that substitute putting yourself on the line.

3. Do we really want a girl that would fall for all this shit? I know it works on a lot of girls, but it puts me off a girl when she falls for it!

4. There is a chance I could end up in a relationship with a girl I use a routine stack on, could I live with myself knowing that I might not have got her if I didn’t use it? Can I look at her every day knowing she fell for “who lies more?” Do I want a girl that any routine robot might have been able to get?

5. This is the biggest of all. When you use a routine stack time and time again. you can’t calibrate to how much you like the girl. Whether you just want to sleep with her or whether you really really like her, you use the same shit. So what happens? Girls that you don’t like too much feel a connection with you because you ran all this emotional stuff on them and you are going to break a lot of hearts. Does someone who is great with women need to do this? Shouldn’t he be better and more moral than the average guy. Normally it is desperation that causes a guy to lie and use tricks (and even spike girls drinks), so why do these so-called PUAs still do it?

6. Are you developing yourself and making yourself into a more attractive man if you are working so much on your outer game, and specifically the script you use? Doesn’t that make you a weirdo?

Of course, this stuff all has it’s place and i’m glad I had some openers and stuff when I first started but the goal of us all should be to leave it all behind as soon as possible.

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Richard La Ruina

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