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Never Go Back To Zero!

Author: Richard La Ruina

For my first year in the game, I made a mistake, or at least I could have done something a lot better… I left myself vulnerable. I’d go out gaming and i’d meet girls. Sometimes i’d get into a short relationship and really fall for a girl. Then things wouldn’t work out and sometimes i’d get hurt and i’d go back to zero. Zero meaning I had no prospects, and i’d have to go back to the drawing board – going out with PUAs gaming for girls. It meant there were real highs and lows.

Now I still have the highs but I don’t have the lows. I’m insulated from the bad stuff.

So what’s different now? I have some very good non-PUA friends who I enjoy spending time with. Having non-PUA friends means going out just to have fun vs just going out to “game”. I have lots of female friends. People can support me if I need it, people can raise my mood if I need it. I also have lots of options. I can come out of a relationship and there are a bunch of girls who i’ve kept in touch with lightly on facebook or meeting now and again and they are girls that I can date and meet with. This means I never go back to zero anymore, even the worst that can happen isn’t so bad. I’m definitely never going back to my Cambridge days and i’m never even going back to the me of a couple years ago.

As another benefit to this lifestyle, things go bad less often. Female friends give you better game, a good social life brings a good state most of the time and gives you better game, cool friends who have great qualities give you better game because you model their skills. Because you have more going on and more power over your situation you are less likely to be week, needy or have one-itis. You keep the girl because your behaviour and lifestyle is attractive.

So there it is, but how do you get there? For me, all that I needed to do was shift my perspective, I didn’t need any more tricks or techniques. I just decided that if I met any girl that I enjoyed talking to I would “friend close” her, if I met a cool guy or even saw one in the club I’d be friendly and make a connection. It took literally a couple of nights to get a social cirlce of a few key people which has stayed with me ever since. You can apply game in many ways and going for s£x is the narrowest possible application of what really is a “social skill”. The wider application brings for a great lifestyle, great friends, better game, AND even more s$x! If you are in the situation I used to be in, I hope this helps. If you are just learning game, change your course slightly to incorporate the above.

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Richard La Ruina

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