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Pick Up More Than Dinner At The Supermarket

Author: Richard La Ruina

Clubs can be noisy, smoky, hot, sweaty, expensive places filled with testosterone pumped AFCs all trying to hit on the same few hot girls in the venue. What these guys don’t know that we do is that we’re surrounded by HBs every day as we go about our normal lives.

One great place to strike up a conversation with a random hottie is your local supermarket:

Be Everybody’s Friend

First and foremost to consider is your mental state. You can’t be in a seductive mode when out shopping unless all you want to do is weird out anyone you talk to. Your reason for starting conversations with hot girls is that you’re a naturally sociable guy who talks to everyone - the little Granny with her shopping basket, other men stocking up on crates of Coronas etc. so talking to her will come across as natural. This is the most effective mindset to have when gaming during the day.

Walk Before You Run

Don’t look at every woman you see and think you have to get her number - initially, just aim to start a conversation with her and see where it leads. If you’re having a good interaction with a woman then taking her number or moving on a high note to another venue for an instant date will come naturally.

Know The Process

The processes for night and day game differ and it’s important to remember that during the day you cannot give off a sexual vibe as it appears out of place and weird.

• Use an indirect approach and talk about something situational until the HB is comfortable with you and is engaged in a 2 way conversation;

• Find out some personal stuff about her;

• Connect with her on anything personal she has told you about herself;

• Remember to find a reason to see her again or to hang out that appeals to her;

• Get her number or go for an instant date- like grabbing a cup of coffee together.

What To Say

Everyone reading is most probably thinking “But what do I say?” Well, here are some openers you can use. Preface each with “You look like you know your stuff…”:

• “How can you tell when this is ripe?”

• “How would you cook this?”

• “I have a Vegetarian friend coming around for dinner tonight so can’t cook my famous chicken curry, what is something I can easily whip up?”

• “Which wine goes with X?”

• Oh don’t buy that one, this one is way tastier”

• Help me choose: pizza or quiche?”

The great thing about picking up women during the day is that their defences are lower as they’re not as used to being hit on as much as they would when at clubs, plus, you have less competition and need not worry about the environment working against you because of loud music etc. But perhaps best of all you won’t need to buy anyone drinks!

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Richard La Ruina

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