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Author: Richard La Ruina

When seducing women, most men will make the key mistake of ‘giving away’ all of their power and status in the face of a beautiful woman. They will chase her, change their schedules to accommodate her, abandon friends and hobbies. In short, they focus all of their attention on the girl and the more attractive she is, the more they will tend to do this.

Women are frustrated at being expected to lead proceedings and having men practically offer themselves to them. A challenge is well received as is a man who has more in his life than just making her the centre of his world. Feminine women crave masculine men but the prerequisites of the ‘modern, metro’ man don’t trigger the basic attraction switches women desire.

Lead The Way

“Can I have your number?”, “Are you free Friday? No? How about Saturday? Sunday?”, “What do you want to do?”, “Where do you want to eat?” All these questions frequently asked before a first date rapidly give the power of decision making to the woman. Instead take charge of proceedings- you’ll be surprised by how readily a woman will follow your lead: “I’m hungry, let’s go get something to eat”, “We should hang out sometime, give me your number”, “I want to see that new film, want to come?” This is a way to lead in a polite way that allows her the opportunity to join in your fun life.

Have Other Passions

Having hobbies and interests and most importantly, other people in your life to busy yourself with, makes it more difficult to lose yourself in trying to impress a beautiful woman- meanwhile making you all the more attractive.

Have Purpose

Have aspirations in life - people who give up on living life to fulfil themselves are not attractive. Decisive people on a mission are attractive. Be that man.

High Status

In every interaction there is a status relationship. The person with the highest status is the leader, decision maker and one that initiates and ends interactions according to their own schedules. Most commonly in our society, these are beautiful women- so steal that frame and become more attractive to women.

Be Yourself

When a woman criticises an aspect of your being - your taste in music, fashion sense, haircut - be sure to take heed of any constructive advice but do not change your whole life trying to gain her approval. Make changes that would benefit you. If not, then do not change on her whim - a woman will bore quickly of any man that tries (in vain) to fulfil her every desire by agreeing to everything she says. She enjoys the battle itself of trying to tame you and change you- don’t take that away from her!

Though these suggestions seem difficult to implement, once habitual, you will find yourself at an advantage to 99% of men out there.

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Richard La Ruina

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