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Phone And Text Game Principles

Author: Richard La Ruina

In my last article, I explained what I consider the basic tactics for opening. I’m not saying they’re not effective – they are – but you’d be unlikely to have the confidence and relaxation to do what I’m about to tell you about until you’ve mastered then.


It took a while before I felt comfortable enough to deliver a direct opener. You need a much stronger frame; you must believe in what your say and put yourself on the line. If you don’t deliver with authority, it’ll fall flat. But if you can do you’ll achieve super-fast results and women will love your boldness. If she doesn’t response negatively then it’s game on and you can escalate quickly.

Here are some examples, but you can find lots more on other websites. is good as is my own

I know this is random, but I had to tell you that you’re just too cute.

Hi. I saw you across the room/bar/street and just had to say ‘hi’. I’m Rich

You’re so sexy I had to come introduce myself.

Do you know who you remind me of? Someone I want to meet.

It’s not so hard to think of tailor-made openers. Just think of why you want to go talk to her and then go tell her: so you see a girl in a great dress and open with ‘Hey, I love the way you wear that dress. There was no way I was going to let you get away without meeting you’.


Nearly all openers require you to pre-plan what you’re going to say and how you’re going to say it. Situational openers require the skills of the natural because you just pick something of the current environment to start the interaction. You just ask the first question that comes to mind: ‘how can they eat ice-cream in winter?’ or ‘would you wear that hat indoors?’ They are so natural and unconscious that I can rarely remember what I said.

I think the best openers are the ones that make sense in the situation. The problem with canned material is that you need to 1. prepare it and 2. act it. Unless you’re good, it’ll come off as insincere.

What’s more, if you’re always thinking of new stuff to say you’re working on being funny, spontaneous and interesting. If you just use canned material you’ll struggle when you run out it, but if you’re brain is super-fit from conversational practice you’ll power through those moments. Also, a wider point, I don’t think any of us want to be social robots; we want to win the girl over for our personalities rather than ‘tricking’ her with other people’s lines.

Okay, but all of this is easier said than done. So, how do you develop situational opening?

Think about how you could turn your current topic of conversation into an opener. For example you’re talking about day-game so you ask a girl ‘hey, my friend and I only meet girls at night in bards and clubs. Do you think it would be alright to chat you up in the day-time?’ and so on

In any environment, get into the habit of thinking what you would say to a girl. For example, I live next to the Odeon in Leicester square so walking around my home I could ask a girl I wanted to open about seeing a good film.

Whilst men put little effort into their clothes and outfits, women do. So if you look at a woman there are probably a dozen things about her outfit that you could start a conversation with, like how you’re like the fact her bag matches her shoes or whether her funky jewellery was from Africa. Something will jump out at you and I don’t doubt she’d love to have someone comment on it.

Get into the habit of speaking before thinking. You’re more likely to be spontaneously funny and interesting and take the conversation somewhere good. I’d suggest walking up to a girl, saying ‘hi’ and then forcing yourself to think of something to say next. You will, trust me.

So there you have it, you now know the important parts about opening. Now go do it!

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Richard La Ruina

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