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Advanced Closing - Same Night Lay

Author: Richard La Ruina

Honestly, I believe any girls can be persuaded if you do it right. I don’t want to say ‘one-night stand’ because that implies you don’t want to see the girl again. I’d always recommend sleeping with the girl as soon as possible: if you only want something casual then sleeping together before she’s emotionally attached is good move, and if you want something deeper then you can relax because you’ve already bypassed the barrier of sex.

All girls might be persuadable, but some will take a lot more persuasion than others. I’ll break it down into easy, medium and hard for you.


Some girls are open to having same-night sex and will seek it out. What appeals to those girls is a dominant man who can take care of them sexually. He should display at the outward signs of sexual confidence and will have no qualms escalating smoothly from touching to kissing to grinding. With this girl, you’ll be able to lead her out of the club without her asking any questions as to what’s going on.


These girls might have tried it before, but same-night sex isn’t something they look for. They aren’t sluts and will make a big deal out of not being considered one. These girls will need to make an exception for you so you’ll have to be exceptional.

You’ll need to work in some heavy comfort and, at the end of the night, provide a good reason for her to come back with you. For example you might say something like ‘Let’s go somewhere else’ and if she questions you can say ‘I just want to show you something’. If she asks why you’re back at you house you might tell her than you need to get up early and she can’t stay long. With this girl, do NOT engage in logical debate.

She might object physically or verbally. If she objects verbally but keeps walking back with you then it’s only a token objection so she doesn’t feel like a whore and can be ignored. If she objects physically but looks like she’s enjoying herself and isn’t making any verbal complaint, she’s just turning herself on. However, she objects with both, respect her and stop it there! Women might like to wrestle with you because they want to be controlled by a man, but if she does both leave it – you don’t want to end up talking to the police.


If you like a girl but you think she’d be horrified at the thought of a ‘dirty’ one night stand you need to play the comfort card heavily and only have a tiny spark of sexual attraction. You’ll need to generate a lot of trust so talk about future plans etc. and wait until she’s back to yours and is comfortable there. Once she’s inside give her 5 minutes to get relaxed before you come over and have the kiss that has been ‘on’ all evening.

Again, you want plausible reasons for everything: you have something you want to show her in your house; the bed is more comfortable so you get in; it’s hot so you take your clothes off. That way it’ll be like it happened by accident because she won’t let it happen deliberately. Remember to lead, rather than to ask. She’s much more likely to comply with something that’s already happening rather than agree to ‘would you like to come back to mine for sex?’


Dirty dancing is a good way to get into the mood and the crucial thing in that you are confident. Treat her like she’s your girlfriend

Assess the logistics: is she able to come back with you or does she have to look after her friends?

Buyer’s Remorse is a problem you want to avoid. This is when you’ve escalated physically and, after thinking about what she’s done, she regrets it and stops/doesn’t call you back. If you find you’re suffering from this then you need to add more comfort to the interaction – otherwise she’ll feel like she’s a whore.

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Richard La Ruina

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