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Your state is vital. I’m going to explain what it is, why it’s important, how you control it and how you communicate your internal state externally.

What is it?

Your mental or psychological ‘state’ is how you feel at any particular time. Everyone has moments when they feel totally unstoppable and ‘in the zone’ and other times when they feel worthless. State control is being able to generate the right mood and energy for the occasion.

This is not something I’ve always been able to do. It’s usual for our mood to fluctuate with circumstances – our friends’ moods, the place we’re in, etc.. It was only when I started teaching and needed to switch it on for students that I learnt how to do it.

What does it matter?

Your state is important because it determines the reaction you’ll get from whoever you open. Your energy should make you stand out. If you’re someplace where all the men are trying to look cool, you should be high-energy and sociable. In a high-level environment, you should be the smooth James Bond character. In simple terms you state determines how interesting you are.

The golden rule is to come into the set with slightly higher energy than the group. You want to be more interesting than whatever it was they were doing before to maximise your chances of connecting. A big laughing crowd in a bar will require a lot more energy than one woman in a coffee shop. Equally if you bounce over to the women sipping her coffee with super-high energy you’ll probably scare her.

I can’t count the number of times I’ve seen guys with nothing to say hold rapturous attention and fascinating guys get blown out because they can’t hold the group’s focus. The difference is the animation and passion between them. I’ll talk about what exactly they’re doing differently in the final section.

How do you control it?

Getting into a strong state is about reaffirming and strengthening your confidence so you feel on top of the world, ready for anything.

Here’s my proven system for getting into state. I have affirmations which I read to myself. I’m keeping this short and snappy so I don’t have space to explain them here, but simply they are a list of positive things about me that reinforces my confidence. At the same time I play music that had good associations for me and gets me pumped up; I click my fingers and feel the energy flow through me.

I have a body movement that I do to associate all of these feelings so I can just do the action and generate them. I suggest you practise and create your own. It can be anything, like clapping or clenching one hand. I also have an action for a relaxed state I learnt from doing yoga that takes me into a very peaceful place. Being able to switch state I’ve found to be an invaluable skill for life.

Three very useful devices for changing state are 1. an MP3 player for taking your pump-up music and affirmations anywhere 2. a sheet of paper with those affirmations (and maybe some other PUA notes) and 3. the associated body movement I mentioned.

How to bring your inner state out

All of this revolves around the theme that to be interesting is to be passionate and animated. It breaks down into 2 areas: what you do with your body and what you do with your head


  • Use hand gestures. Not only does it make it easier to move to touching, but expressive gestures subconsciously demonstrate passion. If you’re unfamiliar with gesturing, use having your arms bent at the elbow and hands clasped as the default position from which to move.
  • Move your whole body. For larger groups, don’t be rooted to the floor. Awkward weight-shifting is bad, but animated movement helps keep interest.


  • Vary your voice tone; not at random, but for emphasis. Listen to broadcasters or someone like Tony Robbins who keeps attention for hours by always speaking passionately.
  • Animate your face. Your emphases add weight to what you say. You can practise this simply by watching yourself deliver an opener in the mirror and thinking about how interesting you look.
  • Spread your eye contact. Moving eye contact is like spinning plates – you can’t leave any one person alone for too long else they’ll ‘fall off’ and lose interest. If you don’t look at them and bring them in with your eyes and gestures, their gaze will move away from you and around the room.

There you have it in a nutshell: what state control is, why it matters and how to do it.

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Richard La Ruina

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This is my personal affirmation list. It’s mostly to help me be successful with women but also has a lot to do with having self-esteem, confidence and a healthy psychological state of being. Feel free to use it and share it with others. It took me a long time to build this list and I have found it extremely helpful.


Beliefs of Naturals – My Reality

Read 3 times before bed and in the morning(do it for a for month)
Record in the second person. Play recording on a loop continuously at a low volume(whisper).
Play recording during the day and at night while sleeping.

1. Being with me is the best possible choice for any woman.

2. Women love men and especially love me.

3. I love life!

4. I am God. I am Perfect. This is my universe!

5. I am fearless, courageous and bold!!!

6. I read incredibly fast!

7. Women love sex and want sex from me.

8. My intelligence, creativity and potential is infinite!

9. Women love to be hit on even if they pretend otherwise.

10. I am completely focused, organised and use my time with the utmost efficiency.

11. Women are nurtures and pleaser’s who want to nurture and please me.

12. I am a self-assured, confident, sexual and dominant male.

13. Everyday in every way I am better and better!!!

14. I have complete control over my life, mind and psychological state of being.

15. I am the greatest genius this world has ever seen.

16. I heal instantly!

17. I am successful, confident and achieve my goals. I exude confidence, sex, power and self-esteem.

18. I can be, do and have anything I want to in this world, my possibilities are endless!!!

19. I love myself! I am complete, fulfilled and completely happy!!!

20. I am growing more beautiful and luminous day by day.

21. People love me! I make friends easily.

23. I read and meditate every day. I access all the knowledge in the universe.

25. I am completely irresistible to women!

26. Regardless of how she is reacting to me she is getting aroused.

27. I see the underlying truth in all things.

28. I am an adventurer! I travel the world!

29. Regardless of how she is reacting to me I am the prize she is trying to win over!

30. I am a multi-millionaire and master seducer!

31. I love what I do and am richly rewarded, creatively and financially.

32. I have a perfect photographic memory! I recall everything easily.

33. Since she wants to sleep with me, the power is in my court to decide whether she lives up to my standards and expectations. I get to decide if we get to sleep together.

34. I create my own reality!

35. Today I love my body fully, deeply and joyfully.

37. Today I open my mind to the endless opportunities surrounding me.

38. Prosperity surrounds me, prosperity fills me, prosperity flows to me and through me.

39. I have sex with super hot, confident, loving, caring and intelligent women with genius IQ’s all the time!

40. I think positively every day, all the time.

41. I attract amazing people.

42. My imagination and power affirmations are now creating the reality I desire.

43. My body is now trained to burn fat and build muscle day by day.

44. I have a six pack of abdominal muscles.

45. Let these commands be fulfilled!!!

46. I am filled with the light of love, peace, happiness, power, success and joy every day, all the time.

47. I am aggressive, direct and powerful with the women I desire. I radiate a confidence, self-control and charm that women find irresistibly attractive.

48. My mind is focused on what I desire and I go for it congruently and powerfully.

49. I take immediate advantage of my opportunities with women. I swiftly establish incredible rapport, gather the information I need, then close with aggression, power and finesse.

50. I radiate a natural, easy self-acceptance that women find irresistibly attractive.

51. I am mastering the responses, attitudes, behaviours, insights and timing that bring me irresistible power with the women I desire.

52. I am now approaching women that I am attracted to.

53. I am able to pick up and attract any women I desire.

54. I am a strong, powerful, aggressive, dominant, alpha male, leader and conqueror!!!

55. I am charming, interesting and fascinating!!!

56. I have a perfectly sculptured muscle ripped body.

57. I am super hot and sexy, all women want me!

58. Abundance is my natural state of being!

59. Money comes to me easily and continuously from multiple sources!

61. My IQ and intelligence increases daily rapidly!!!

62. I have clear beautiful skin!

63. I have lucid dreams and recall all my dreams with complete clarity!

65. All things are now working together for good in my life.

66. I am now attuned to my higher purpose in life.

67. I rule the world! I am brilliant and perfect in every possible way!

68. I succeed in everything I do!

69. I have sex with one thousand super hot women!

70. I am now enjoying everything I do and feel happy just being alive.

71. Sex with super hot women comes to me easily and effortlessly.

72. The light within me creates miracles in my life here and now.

73. All things are now working together for good in my life.

74. I am now attuned to my higher purpose in life.

75. I have the infinite creative power of God within me.

76. My higher self is guiding me in everything that I do.

77. God lives within me and manifests in the world through me.

78. The light of God surrounds me, the love of God enfolds me, the power of God flows through me. Wherever I am, God is, and all is well!

79. I ascend spiritually rapidly everyday all the time!

80. I am a Natural, Ladies Man and Player!

81. Everywhere I go women want to fuck me!

82. I have sex with supermodels daily.

83. Supermodels have an incredible desire to fuck me wherever I go!

84. I attract whatever I desire.
Quote Will's commment
Will at 04:34PM, Dec 2nd 2010.
85. I am the most desirable man in the world. I am God's gift to women.

86. I attract beautiful women on a deeply subconscious level.

87. Beautiful women are extremely persistent with me for sex.

88. What I believe is reality.
Quote Will's commment
Will at 05:45PM, Dec 11th 2010.
This is a great hint. I appreciate you the help!

Thank you my friend.
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EM at 11:55PM, Mar 26th 2011.
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