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Three Seducive Characters

Author: Richard La Ruina

Words themselves have little to do with seduction. It possible to come up with the most elaborate and impressive chat up lines and do little more than entertain a woman. More important is your ability to lead a woman through the process of wanting to talk to you, finding you interesting and then arousing feelings that make her want you physically. More often than not this is a process that takes time and patience- although in the odd case it can happen almost instantaneously.

Most men will play the part of one character throughout the course of trying to seduce a woman according to their own personality types: for an outgoing, extrovert this will be the role of ‘fun, sociable’ guy, for example. But for most men they will wear the suit of ‘Mr Comfort’ - the ‘nice’ guy who may be interesting but isn’t especially fun or sexy. The third is the sexually aware man who will go into an approach with direct intent, exhibiting a strong sexual vibe.

Though such men may get results, they will neither come often nor consistently.

To maximise your chances of success, try alternating between the following 3 characters:

Fun, Sociable Guy
(see Vince Vaughn’s character in Wedding Crashers)

It is imperative when being this guy to make a good first impression: it is the be all and end all of creating a vibe you will want to carry on to convey this personality correctly.

High energy levels, being animated and having the ability to make others comfortable are musts. This man will easily be able to infiltrate any group of strangers and within minutes - or less - makes them laugh and generally brighten up their evening. Though this person might be very good within the first steps of an interaction, he might find it difficult to connect with a woman in order to seduce her because of the high energy level associated with his personality. It is advised to use this frame within the first few minutes of an interaction to break the ice until you are in a comfortable 2 way conversation and your target wants you to stick around.

Mr Comfort (see Ross in Friends)

Having integrated successfully into a group it is time to morph into Mr Comfort. He is typically interested and himself interesting. He will listen half the time; will not talk endlessly about himself and tries to make the effort to understand women by finding common interests and building rapport successfully. This is fine until you have garnered common interests and a connection with a woman, at which point he should begin to incorporate elements of Mr Seducer’s persona. Mr Comfort finds it difficult to begin conversations with strangers and because he is not particularly seductive, finds it awkward to escalate physically with a woman.

The Seducer (see Pierce Brosnan as James Bond)

The Seducer- deployed after Fun, Sociable Guy and Mr Comfort will be very effective.

Mr Seducer looks at a woman in a way that lets her know her wants her; he speaks slooowly with a deeper voice, touching women in an increasingly sexual way - holding her hand when he talks whilst maintaining intense eye contact.

The Seducer should smoothly emerge after Mr Comfort has left the building as you discover more about the woman and begin to feel more attracted towards her - deploying The Seducer persona from the start of an interaction with a beautiful woman suggests you are interested in her for only her looks- which whilst of course is probably true is not a good way to set the course for an interaction with her.

Deploying each of the 3 characters in turn smoothly during an interaction will ensure a smooth journey from starting a conversation to getting intimate with a woman.

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Richard La Ruina

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