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Rokker is a a training instructor for Love Systems . Listen to Rokker's audio interview series:

Vol. 17 The Right Way To Learn Game (Mr. M and Rokker)
Vol. 27 Sticking Points (Braddock, Rokker, and Mr. M)

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Rokker had some success with women before discovering Love Systems, but his first bootcamp (as a student) was a major eye-opener. He was blown away by instructors’ ability to very quickly attract women whom they’d never met before, and by how these women seemed to feel so comfortable in their presence. He decided at his bootcamp that Love Systems was the real deal, and that he would rededicate himself to becoming as good as he could possibly.

Rokker believes in the value of a strong and coherent identity. This has led him to pursue a career as a singer/songwriter and musician.

Using a playful and humorous attitude, Rokker likes to help students eliminate their inner fears of rejection and adapt a style that is natural for them. He is very talented at helping students develop a more playful style and a commanding presence.

Rokker is currently based in Stockholm, Sweden. Below is a list of Tenmagnet's best articles:


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Rokker - One problem I see at every live workshop, almost every 1-on-1, and whenever I meet someone in the community, is that men are very good at coming up with excuses why not to improve their game.

Getting Her Alone

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Rokker - Getting a woman into a private conversation is a crucial waypoint in every interaction.

Analysing Approaches To Build Skills

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Rokker - Have you ever thought about why some people who have been in this community for a really long time still can't approach women correctly?

Observational Transitioning

Average Rating: 4.88 [Total Votes: 8]

Rokker - One of the hardest things for new guys when it comes to cold approach is making conversations seem smooth and unstrained.  This is especially true right after the opener...