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Sasha is a stand up comedian, was Mystery's first wingman back in the late 90's and is the PUA London is raving about.  His combination of comedy & seduction makes him a heap of fun to be around. The exciting part is: Sasha will now be doing monthly interviews for Seduction Tuition!

How I Defeated My AA Forever

Sasha - Now, what are the reasons that guys have licked AA would loose their skillset?

Having Fun

Sasha - A student recently emailed me saying that he would always get thinking too much, or freeze up whenever he got into a conversation with an attractive girl.  My answer prompted me to write this article.

Sasha's Hook Theory

Sasha - I’ve noticed a weakness in a lot of guys which I’ve taught which I’ve sought to strengthen. It’s a common problem. Let me break it down for you.

Over Abundance

Sasha - However, there are some negative aspects to getting into game too hard too fast. Too much game can be, not only bad for your game, but bad for your life.