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Sean Messenger (Previously known as Sean Newman)

Sean Newman is the head coach for PickUp 101.


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Smack That Ass!

Sean Newman - Women dream every day of having a cool, confident guy approach them and make them smile in their day-to-day lives. They don't want to have to wait until 1:15 at the bar on a Friday for some drunken fool to make his move before the lights come on.

Destroy Approach Anxiety

Sean Newman - Today I’m going to share a dirty little secret that all attractive men know, but few will admit to. No one starts out totally comfortable talking to strangers. But in order to become an attractive men and get the women you want, it’s something you have to get used to.

What To Say Next? On Vibing

Sean Newman - It's a common problem. More common than you think. And no, for this problem, Viagra does not help. I'm talking about running out of things to say.

Openers For Art Of Attraction

Sean Newman - Here's a list of sample openers (hook questions and optional follow-up stories) that you can use for the Art of Attraction Workshop . The openers all are designed to start a conversation with groups and give you something interesting and fun to talk about at any time. Find one you like and practice using it to talk to groups everywhere you go.

Deep Rapport Story

Sean Newman - If you want someone to really connect to you, you have to tell them who you really are. We all have a story that defines us. It changed us into men. And it drives us to what we really want in life...

Rapport - Road Map To Connection

Sean Newman - Stop attraction. Move to rapport. How?
Intro. Break her away from group and focus attention on you. Simply turn your body and motion for her to do same while saying "I got a question for you.

Supermarket Pick Up Lines

Sean Newman - "How do I approach in a supermarket?"
I read this question on a forum, and had to share my personal favorite approach.

Attraction In Ten Seconds

Sean Newman - The words used for an opener are not as important as the intent, the energy, and the commitment you bring to it. That said, I have one absolute fall-back every time 100% effective opener. This is something that anyone can use, anytime, any skill level, any environment.