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Openers For Art Of Attraction

Author: Sean Newman

Here's a list of sample openers (hook questions and optional follow-up stories) that you can use for the Art of Attraction Workshop . The openers all are designed to start a conversation with groups and give you something interesting and fun to talk about at any time. Find one you like and practice using it to talk to groups everywhere you go.

Intructor-field-tested Hook Questions that Go Straight to Banter

Settle this bet for me, ok? If you KNOW you will never get caught, is it cheating?

Guys, quick question. What's hotter: a tattoo, or a piercing?

Do you guys know any good places to dance around here?

Guys. I have a really important question for you. Like, fate of the world stuff. You ready? Bacon? Or ham?

OK, I need help settling this argument. Guys or girls: who kisses better?

Hook Questions with Optional Stories

Hey guys, Brad or Angelina? Or Jen or Angelina?
Optional story:
Check this out. Most women with boyfriends say they'd sleep with brad pitt. But even more said they'd sleep with angelina.
i asked my ex about this, and she's like hell yeah! if i have a boyfriend, why do i want to sleep with another guy. that's like you've got dreyers in the fridge and you get some ben and jerry's. but angelina, that's like champagne, chocolate, and shoe shopping all at once.

You guys are California girls, right?
Optional story:
You notice no one out here has an accent? I love living here but I miss accents. Like when I lived in Boston. Met this girl. Our eyes met and it was like a thunderbolt. We talked and hung out all night. Beautiful. Smart. Funny. Sexy. But… She had the thickest Boston accent evah.
We fell totally in love and it was amazing. And I even got used to the accent.
Except in bed. Nothing kills the mood like hearing "hahdah, hahdah, fastah, fastah… oh my fackin' gawd!"

You guys ever travel someplace that was way cooler than you expected?
Optional story:
I just got back from Russia. And it's amazing. All the guys are rich mobsters, and all the girls are Anna Kornikovas. And man, do they know how to party and drink. Its vodka all day. 2 shots for breakfast. 4 shots for lunch. And a baker's dozen for dinner every night. Plus, it's like each shot is personal. This is your my country. This is to the friendship comrade. This is to our mothers. What you gonna say to that? Fuck your mother?
Plus, every grandmother there can drink you under the table and drive you home.

Hey, settle this argument for me. Would you hook up with someone who's just a friend?

Optional story:
Check this out. My friend Jen is in this dating slump, right? Like 6 weeks. Not happy about it. She's out the other night and runs into this guy she's known forever. And she's like "he looked cute, and he was making me laugh, and it's been a while…" Y'know, just a hookup, no big deal. "But then. Next morning. I hear this knock. I open the door, and there he is."
He's like, "This is really hard to say, cos I really care about you and your feelings." And she's so relieved that he's there to explain it's no big deal, right? Then he says "but I have to tell you this, no matter how hard it is. I… have been in love with you for years, and now we get to start the rest of our lives together…"
OMG, you guys are so mean! I can't believe you're laughing at his pain.

What's better for a bachelorette party, male strippers, or female strippers?

Optional story:
Check this out. My friend is planning a bachelorette party, and she was gonna get the standard big studly stripper dude, like the cop who shows up at the door and tells them to quiet down, and then peels down to his oiled chest and banana hammock. But, yknow, women are way more turned on by naked women than naked men. Like you. I can tell. I'm gonna tell my friend just to get some chicks.
Even though it will cost me the gig.

Hey guys, what was your favorite movie as a kid?
Optional story:
Awesome, check this out. Me and my girl are looking through the stacks and she picks up Dirty Dancing. I'm like, uh, no, "nobody puts baby in the corner!" and pick up Unfaithful. Yeah, that movie. It's hot, right? So she's all like pouting, going "but this was my favorite movie as a little girl," and I'm like "well, little girl, don't you think it's time for a big girl movie?" It's never about the movie, right? You really don't want to just… watch.
And y'know, hot as it is, Swayze just doesn't do it for me.

Guys. Guys! You ever ride a dolphin?
Optional story:
Awesome! High Five for that. Check this. My ex was at sea world and they have this thing where you can ride the dolphins. So she’s all stoked tries it. She jumps in, and the dolphin like whooshes her thru the water by pushing her ass with its nose. But when they’re done, the dolphins all rubbing against her. And it’s got a great big hard on. The trainer had to jump in and like chase it away with a whiffle bat.
Stupid dolphin. That’s the last time she falls for that trick.

For more opener and routines, check out the Routines Manual 1 and Routines Manual 2.

Sean Newman

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