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Sebastian Drake (Master The Vibe)

Sebastian Drake

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How Having Money Affects Attraction

Sebastian Drake - There is a belief among some men that you need money to "compete for women". There's no doubt to anyone that men who are very wealthy have an extra edge with women: Why is that? And how come some of them don't capitalize on it? And how big of a deal is having money, really, in being attracting and getting with the kind of women you want?

Beating The Game

Sebastian Drake - How to avoid taking your game into a dead end.

Mutual Value Escalation

Sebastian Drake - A lot of the current model of ASF has its place, but it's used at the wrong times: Making it take much longer for a guy to find what he wants. Playing with a flawed model is better than playing with nothing at all, but let's step it up a bit, shall we?

One Minute Number Closing

Sebastian Drake - I'm smiling over here from ear to ear. I just finished working with a student earlier today, and I taught him very fast approaches and got him doing them with some success. I hope he builds on it and becomes really good at it, but I do find it a little funny to come home and see this question in my inbox. :)

Two Kinds Of LMR

Sebastian Drake - I've had a stunning realization. In the last week and a half, I've taken to three new women's bedrooms, culminating with a true 10 last night, the most beautiful woman I've ever had.

Intention Maps

Sebastian Drake - How come some men never stay single for more than three weeks? How come some men can't get anything more than a one night stand to save their life?

How To Tell Stories

Sebastian Drake - When I was younger and perhaps a tad more arrogant, I had a saying: "Modesty is for those of modest capabilities." I knew I was elite, and I didn't fail to let anyone know.

Why Pick Up Lines Suck and Fail For Most Men

Sebastian Drake - Okay, we can divide this down right away into two categories: Pickup lines that just plain suck, and solid communication that comes across like a pickup line that sucks if not delivered properly. We’ll address them both.

You're a Celebrity, Lets Fuck

Sebastian Drake - If a woman tells you she's 26 and looks 26... she's damn near 40." -Chris Rock, "No Sex in the Champagne Room".

Very true. Last night, HBWhitestilettos turned out to be 40. Eh, I don't practice age-based discrimination.