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One Minute Number Closing

Author: Sebastian Drake

I'm smiling over here from ear to ear. I just finished working with a student earlier today, and I taught him very fast approaches and got him doing them with some success. I hope he builds on it and becomes really good at it, but I do find it a little funny to come home and see this question in my inbox. :)

Anyway, it's not all that difficult. The basic format goes something like this:

"My God... I wish I had time to talk to you. You're so beautiful and classy... but I've got to go meet my friends."

I smile sadly, and let her reply. She almost always thanks me very much, some of them start completely and totally glowing.

I let her say whatever, then I go:

"Tell you what: Let me grab your number and I'll give you a ring later. If we get along on the phone, maybe we'll go hang sometime."

Really high close rate. Actually, it's easier to kiss them once on the lips after this one than it is after slightly longer sets sometimes (or so it seems to me: Maybe I just play quick numbers a lot harder).

These numbers really are quite decent. I've slept with girls off of them. One girl, in a city I don't get up to much, I got her number when Woodhaven and I were practically running out of a train station.

This was like a year ago, but I never make it out to see her. I've only talked to her five or six times for a while since then, but she remembers me *every time*. She invited me over to her place at one point, but I wasn't in town. In fact, when I call her, sometimes she calls back. And this a very, very beautiful girl, man. I don't even bother doing this if I'm in a hurry with a girl who isn't really beautiful.

So there's that. I recommend substituting what you like about her and what you're doing for my example. "My God... I wish I had time to talk to you. You're so [what you like about her]... but I've got to go [do what you're in a hurry for]." Pause, let her reply. "Tell you what: Let me grab your number and I'll give you a ring later. If we get along on the phone, maybe we'll go hang sometime."

Flaking isn't a problem. These numbers are *always* real (occasionally she'll say she's flattered, but can't because she has a boyfriend: but I've never gotten a fake number like this). You DO have to talk to her before you ask her to go hang out. You need to get to know her a little, see if she's actually cool, etc. But they're good numbers.

I'd recommend Woodhaven's post "The Transition to Natural Game" for more on this. He says one of the things that inspired him to come up with the Contintuous Flow of Action concept was how fast I could get good numbers... totally not in line with some ASF dogma.

Don't worry about getting 20 minutes. You need to smooth, confident, and cool, and strike a good impression. But to make an example: If Brad Pitt were to walk up to a woman and say, "Wow, I really like your look, but I don't have time to talk to you right now. Let me grab your number and maybe we'll talk later", would she hmm and haww?

If you're not Brad Pitt, that's okay: You can become very attractive yourself, by working your bodylanguage, speaking patterns, style, and so on. The drive behind getting a quick number is not the actual words: Though the words are pretty close to optimal, they don't do much without the right attitudes and the external manifestations of those attitudes.

Sebastian Drake

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