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Seduction Methods

Seduction Methods

Double Your Dating Method

David DeAngelo - For reasons that are obvious to some, I have to start by saying that this is my PERSONAL experience and my PERSONAL technique.

How To Get Laid In 30 to 60 Days

Vin DiCarlo aka Woodhaven - So heres the basics...Have you ever seen the show "Bullshit" by Penn and Teller? If not, go check out Youtube or Google. It's fantastic. Highly recommended is the one on absintence...

The Metagame

Adam Lyons - Whether you are following one of the more mainstream methods, or have developed your own sense of game the fact is typically we have a sense of sameness to our approach.

Mystery Method

Mystery - The M3 Model is the breakdown and analysis of the COURTSHIP phase of any male-female interaction: meaning, the period of time leading into any full-fledged sexual relationship (be it a fwb situation or a gf/bf thing).

How To Get A Girlfriend

Carlos Xuma - There's something you should know...ONE word. One word in the English language is probably what's stopping you from understanding how to get a girlfriend.

How To Get Girls

Carlos Xuma - Success with women is always relative. You need to plan your goal in advance, and then plan out a roadmap that will get you to that destination.

Smartphone Game

Savoy - I knew I wasn't a "natural" but I wasn't going to settle either. Several years ago, I found other men on the internet who had the same outlook.

Boyfriend Destroyer Strategy

Richard La Ruina aka Gambler - First I want to say that I am sorry for not posting anything in such a long time. I was long thinking about publishing this post because it is somehow evil. It gives you an overview over the tools to attract a person that is in a relationship and to somehow manipulate her to be turned her away from her boyfriend.

Social Circle Pick Up

Mr. M - I hope to delve into some seriously groundbreaking stuff related to both social dynamics and social circles in this four part series.

The MWD Method

Ben Ezra - After many years of studying what works and what doesn’t work with women, I have been able to put together an 8 phase process that will guide you on exactly how you could go from meeting a woman to sleeping with her in just a few short hours, or even minutes.

Gunwitch Method

NightVision - Gunwitch's big thing is Sexual State and his methods as well as his audio course offer a different perspective to the mainstream seduction community. As such his method complements it very well. His motto is "Get Laid, Not Liked"...

Verbal Method

Gunwitch - I think this is the last bastion of things i dont understand about how i get the high ratio of approach to fuck closes that spawned the entire gunwitch method.

Gunwitch Method Two: Inference Vs Induction

Gunwitch - I suppose the first and best place to start is always with what YOU want out of this manual. At its absolute core what you are about to read is about getting more sex. Well, more appropriate, being the man you need to be to bed the women you want.


Pick Up Club Tactics (Gunwitch Method Club)

Gunwitch - This one is a bit, well a lot, long, but well worth the read for bar and club oriented users of my methods.

Gunwitch Method Four

Gunwitch - The ultimate game is a combination of...

Gunwitch Method Troubleshooting

Gunwitch - Ok if youve been trying my method out and it doesnt work for ya, or if you just like a quick supplemental checklist to go through while being verbally abused a bit try running down this.

Gunwitch Method Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

Gunwitch - Frequently asked questions and answers relating to the popular Gunwitch Method.