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Shawna Lenee

Shawna Lenee is the producer of 2 Girls Teach Sex DVDs

2 Girls Teach Sex DVDs

9 Types Of Orgasms And How To Give It To Her!

Shawna Lenee - These orgasms range from those that are barely noticeable to her man, to SCREAMING, TOE-CURLING, even bed soaking squirting orgasms (Woo!)

How Your Girl Acts When You're Amazing In Bed

Shawna Lenee - There are a lot of signs - both in and out of the bedroom - that you are NOT satisfying your woman. Here's just a few signs your girl is not satified...

Triple Play Sex Technique

Shawna Lenee - It's called the "Triple Play"... because it involes stimulating her in 3 special spots at the same time... and creating a "pleasure trifecta" that will have her cumming like crazy in no time!

10 Dangerous Mistakes YOU Probably Make In The Bed

Shawna Lenee - Avoid these 10 mistakes and you’ll have better sex the very NEXT time you make love…guaranteed…

How To Make Her Sex Drive Stonger Than Yours!

Shawna Lenee - If you start the technique I'm about to share with you AFTER you do all this stuff then you are almost GUARANTEED to give her a foreplay orgasm =)

3 Positions That Gaurantees Orgasm

Shawna Lenee - In this report I am going to share with you 3 positions that drive me and most women CRAZY.

How To Triple Her Orgasm Intensity

Shawna Lenee - The most powerful tool for unlocking screaming orgasms from your girl is actually...

Are You Man Enough In The Bedroom?

Shawna Lenee - There are a lot of ways to be authoritative with your girl. Here are six you can use to get on the right track, tonight!

Being Nice In Bed Is Mean To Your Girl!

Shawna Lenee - It always amazes me at just how many men think that the key to giving a woman great sex is to just be NICE in the bedroom.