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Simon Heong

Simon Heong is the author of the Secrets Of Dating Asian Women and Strip Club Seduction course.

Reasons Why We Love Asian Women

Simon Heong - The physical appeal of Asian women is undeniable. Their long, silky hair…slim, firm, petite bodies…and even the graceful way that they walk.

4 Steps To Attract and Get Asian Women

Simon Heong - Succeeding with Asian women—and succeeding in life, really — is all about expanding your “comfort zone.”

Make Chinese Women Crave You

Simon Heong - Beautiful Chinese women shouldn’t be too hard to find if you if live in a large American city...

Where To Meet Asian Women

Simon Heong - A lot of guys aren't really sure WHERE TO GO to meet Asian women.

Openers & Conversation Scripts With Asian Women

Simon Heong - Think in terms of Opener + Transition. This is the key to engaging women in good conversations. The two don’t need to be related at all.

How To Get Dates With Any Asian Girl

Simon Heong - Allow me give you my tactic for scoring a hot Asian girl's digits. I’m always looking to meet cute new girls and get phone numbers, and I don’t limit my "intros" to when I'm at the bars and nightclubs.